Feb 2022


The 2010s revival has reached luxury fashion, bringing back fashion bloggers’ favorite pieces of that period. With Instagram loving The Olsen twins’ candid images, Balenciaga reissuing the Neo Classic bag style, UGG boots being hot again, it’s time for big sunglasses and recovered Blogger and WordPress accounts.

Photo: Casablanca F22


Spike in searches for Balenciaga’s City bag in January.

Valentino's V Logo signature belt is one of Q4's hottest products.

The Lyst Index Q4 2021


Month-on-month increase in searches for peplums.

Moving Fast

Feb 2022


My shirt? Brown. My pants? Brown. My shoes? Brown. Behind Josh Wallin’s “monochromatica” TikTok challenge–which is all about styling full-on brown outfits– is the color that many trend researchers believe could become Gen Z’s favorite hue. Brown brings a sense of comfort and fits with the 70s via the 2000s fashion comeback.

Photo: Études F22

140 million

Views generated by brown fashion-related hashtags on TikTok.


Increase in searches for brown pieces in January, compared to the same time last year.


Spike in searches for brown faux-fur hats a week after Tyler, The Creator wore one at the Louis Vuitton Men’s F/W 2022 show.


Feb 2022

Haute Grunge

With Robert Pattison’s Batman inspired by Kurt Cobain, ‘Super Grump’ t-shirts seen in Coach, and Courtney Love releasing her first solo album in 18 years, it’s undeniable that grunge fashion is back. The Great Resignation and the hustle culture backlash has brought back the slacker look, and Bella Hadid, Jonah Hill and Pete Davidson are champions of a messier, moodier, ‘pyjamas as daywear’ type of glamour.

Photo: Celine S22


Increase in searches for plaid shirts in January.


Rise in searches for men’s chunky knitted cardigans in December 2021.

"The Grunge aesthetic is probably feeling more relevant to people now as in general, as a society we are are less confined and restricted in terms of style - there's an unleashed sense of freedom and discovery with trying new clothing. Today, I feel there is more openness in being into multiple genres within music, too. On someone's playlist you may find Beyonce next to Nine Inch Nails; we’re not as restricted as we once were by labels, in terms of defining ourselves by what we listen to.

There could be a yearning for the pre-internet days within the 90's grunge aesthetic, too. In terms of band t-shirts, I wear them because I adore the bands, but I also do love the art-work that comes specifically from that era, and that’s where my heart is in terms of music."

– Sammi Jefcoate, Founder & Creative Director at Ārdēo

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