Global fashion shopping app Lyst launches its 2021 Conscious Fashion Report, a deep-dive into fashion lovers’ changing sustainable habits and the creators that are driving change. From considered drops and upcycling to spirituality, Lyst has identified the cultural movements that are shaping the conscious fashion space right now.

Meet the emerging ethical designers driving change:

To accompany The Conscious Fashion Report, Lyst has teamed up with 6 emerging eco-conscious designers, all with distinct styles and identities: Rombaut, Lafaille, Come Back As A Flower, By Megan Crosby, ASTARA and Simon Goldman. Not only will they be featured in the report but subsequently they will be listed on the Lyst app/website, and spotlighted in a series of videos on Instagram. Follow @lyst to know more and head to the full report to read the designers’ stories.

“In Come Back As A Flower we use the term high-vibrational to represent the importance of intention behind each piece. If everything in the universe is vibrating, objects that are made with intention and for the betterment of the environment we consider to be vibrating at a higher rate.” – Esper, Founder and Creative Director, Come Back As A Flower

Lyst’s Strategy Director commenting on the 2021 Conscious Fashion campaign:

“Our role and responsibility is to inspire and empower fashion lovers to make informed shopping decisions. With 40% of clothing purchased never worn (World Bank, 2019), we want to help customers buy better by delivering hyper-personalized recommendations from the world’s largest online assortment. We also continue to add more sustainable brand partners, most recently Pangaia, while also championing emerging designers and sharing their stories with our audience through the Conscious Fashion report and social media. Lastly, we continue to explore ways to provide even greater transparency on the products on our platform.” – Nomfundo Mphuthi, Strategy Director at Lyst.

Read the full report here.