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EYEVAN 7285 is a highly esteemed Japanese company that began its life in 1911, as a manufacturer of premium quality, dust-proof optical lenses. In the 70s the brand began to pioneer the idea of eyewear as not just a necessity, but a fashion item, leading to a collection of men's EYEVAN 7285 sunglasses that were both luxuriously crafted and exceptionally stylish. Today, the men's EYEVAN 7285 sunglasses collection channels more than 100 years of craftsmanship, bringing together the finest acetate and titanium frames with a fresh, original design aesthetic. Quirky, eye-catching yet elegant, these pieces are poised to reinvent any man's summer closet.

The Eyevan 7285 Sunglasses Buying Guide

The first eyewear fashion brand of Japan, Eyevan 7285 is one of the most recognized names in the Far East. Taking on the world, this brand brings together skilled craftsmanship, creativity and street style trends for iconic pieces that can elevate any wardrobe. Smart or casual, Eyevan 7285 sunglasses for men are a symbol of quality. The finest acetate or strong titanium form the frames inside this collection, and quirky, eye-catching design makes the range stand out. 

The Most Wanted Eyevan 7285 Sunglasses for Men

  • Men's Eyevan 7285 ‘Webb’ Sunglasses

    The Eyevan 7285 Webb Sunglasses feature a classic frame that suits all face shapes. Committed to having a lightweight feel and created from a titanium mold, these sunglasses are built to last. Its defining aesthetic feature is the 3 points dot design on the frame front. 

  • Men's Eyevan 7285 ‘Windsor’ 717 Sunglasses

    The Eyevan 7285 Windsor Sunglasses are part of the brand’s signature range, distinctive for its visible metal rim with acetate wrapped around and a contemporary flat lens. Made with a tough titanium temple, these sunglasses are durable enough to last through the seasons. 

  • Men's Eyevan 7285 775 Sunglasses

    An iconic model, the Eyevan 7285 775 Sunglasses combine minimalist design with vintage features. The frames have five-barrel hinges inspired by a zipper of an old flight jacket, as well as the original Eyevan curved lenses. With an all-acetate frame, these sunglasses are ideal for matching with a casual, laidback wardrobe. 

How To Care For Your Eyevan 7285 Sunglasses

Eyewear from the men’s Eyevan 7285 range are made primarily of high quality acetate and titanium. These are extremely durable and built to last. However, to prolong the life of your sunglasses, follow these instructions:

• Use a soft microfiber cloth to clean your lenses.

• Store your sunglasses correctly inside the case provided at all times.

• Do not store your sunglasses in your bag or pocket without its case to prevent scratching or damage.

• To remove dirt, wash in warm water and mild dishwashing liquid and dry using a clean, soft, absorbent cloth.

• Do not use paper-based products to clean your lenses as this will scratch them.

• Do not clean with cloths that have added lotions as this can leave a film on the lenses.


Where are Eyevan 7285 sunglasses made?

All Eyevan eyewear is made in Sabae, known as ‘The City of Craftsmanship’. Located in Fukui Prefecture in Japan, this city is one of the most well-known areas for eyeglass makers with a manufacturing history going back as far as a century.

Are Eyevan 7285 sunglasses dust-proof?

The Eyevan 7285 brand is famed for creating dust-proof optical lenses since it was founded in 1911. Today, the collection fuses technical features such as dust protection with current trends to boost wearer performance. 

Where can I buy Eyevan 7285 sunglasses for men?

Men’s Eyevan sunglasses can be purchased from official retailers, such as high-end designer retailers like Mr Porter, Farfetch and SSENSE, eyewear specialists and other websites featured on Lyst.