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Eyevan 7285 711 D-frame Sunglasses - Black
Eyevan 7285
711 D-frame Sunglasses - Black
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EYEVAN 7285 is a luxury Japanese eyewear brand dating all the way back to 1911, when it was founded by Mr Yamamoto Kogaku as a manufacturer of dust-proof optical lenses. In the 70s the brand began to pioneer the idea of eyewear as not just a necessity, but a fashion item, leading to a collection of men's EYEVAN 7285 accessories that were at once luxuriously high quality and exceptionally stylish. Today, the men's EYEVAN 7285 accessories collection features the best titanium and acetate frames, brought forth in unusual, creative shapes with colorful lenses or quirky detailing. A firm favorite of the A-list celebrity fashion set, these pieces are the ultimate in on-trend accessorizing.

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