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Strapped Pouch Fur Scarf - Black
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X K-way Mink Ff Scarf - Multicolor
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Italian fashion house Fendi is one of the most well known brands with their roots dating back to the early 1900s. Aside from their iconic 'baguette bags' one of the prize items from this couture house has always been their stunning collection of scarves. When you're walking down the street you can immediately spot a Fendi scarf two blocks away. The elaborate designs, intrinsic patterns and flamboyant colors are so rich and creative it's as if they were produced by and enlightened group of artists for royalty. If you pair a Fendi scarf with any outfit, expect much crowd gazing because you'll become a walking mural.

The Fendi Scarf Buying Guide

Fendi, born out of Italy in 1925 and known for its iconic Zucca logo, is now a staple within the fashion industry. Fendi is well known for its iconic scarves that feature striking colors, elaborate prints, and stunning designs. The range comprises scarves that are made from everything from pure cashmere and silk to 100% wool for colder days. Ahead, take a look at our Fendi scarves buying guide, which shall help you discover the most stand out styles for your wardrobe, along with how to care for it. 

The Most Wanted Fendi Scarves

  • Fendi Logo Long Scarves

    Featuring frenzied logo prints in colors ranging from vivid blue to ruby red, these scarves are one of Fendi’s signature pieces. Constructed of 100% cashmere and built to last a lifetime with their signature fringed ends, these scarves are a must for any wardrobe. 

  • Fendi Embossed Scarves

    Known for its attention to detail, Fendi has created a collection of meticulously embossed silk scarves that are encased in the iconic monogram print. Using only the finest silks and precise color pallets, Fendi has pulled out all the stops for these delicate skinny silk scarves.

  • Fendi Fur Scarves

    With the FF logo originally meaning “Fun Fur”, it is no surprise that Fendi is the leader when it comes to ethically sourced fur scarves. From the vivid Mink logo scarf to the classic Fox fur collar scarf, Fendi knows how to make an impression. These scarves are a statement piece for any season. 

How To Care For Your Fendi Scarves

We recommend that you always hang your scarves over a hanger when not in use. When it comes to washing your scarves, it is advised that any silk and pure cashmere scarves are dry cleaned due to the delicate nature of the fabric.

The label’s 100% wool scarves can be washed on a gentle setting in a washing machine, using a mild detergent. Although be cautious with drying, as they should be air dried and not tumble dried to avoid heat damage. If you follow these instructions the scarves will keep looking their best for longer. 


Will the Fendi print fade on my scarf?

Fendi prides themselves in only using the finest materials within their scarves, the 100% wool and pure cashmere scarves shall never fade if cared for using the above care instructions. The materials and dyes used by Fendi are some of the best in the world, ensuring that your scarf will last a lifetime. 

How can you tell that your Fendi scarf is real?

Fendi scarves are easily identifiable by finding the hologram label that is attached to every scarf that is produced, and the scarves generally come boxed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Another sign that your Fendi scarf is genuine is the feel of the material along with the quality of the print - Fendi only uses the finest materials. 

How delicate are Fendi scarves?

You should always take care of your scarf by always hanging the scarf up after use. Wash the scarf regularly and avoid any sharp objects that may cut or tear the fabric. Rest assured Fendi scarves are made from premium materials, and will withstand everyday wear.