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Balenciaga Bb Xs Stud Earrings - Pink
Bb Xs Stud Earrings - Pink
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Balenciaga Zipper Earrings - Metallic
Zipper Earrings - Metallic
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Balenciaga Earrings - Metallic
Earrings - Metallic
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Famously described by Christian Dior as 'the master of us all', Cristóbal Balenciaga founded the French fashion house of Balenciaga in 1918. An architect of Haute Couture, Balenciaga is famed for its sculptural, cocoon shapes and nostalgic references to the designer's native Spain, which have undergone a modern update since Alexander Wang joined the house in 2012. Following in the footsteps of Nicholas Ghesquière, his sporty, "model off-duty" aesthetic has given the legendary fashion house a modern update. Whether worn with formal wear or statement pieces to set off an outfit, Balenciaga's collection of structured and sculptural earrings can be worn to fit any occasion.

The Balenciaga Earrings Buying Guide

The epitome of high-end luxury, Balenciaga continues to push the boundaries with modern silhouettes and innovative materials in its collection of earrings. With over 100 years of experience, Balenciaga creates earrings that are sculptural and contemporary. From studs influenced by logomania to statement drop earrings, Balenciaga has something for every occasion. Ahead, take a look at our Balenciaga earrings buying guide to help you discover a style that works for you and how to take care of your Balenciaga earrings properly. 

The Most Wanted Balenciaga Earrings

  • Balenciaga Hoop Earrings

    These earrings demonstrate how Balenciaga balances a classic and modern aesthetic. With an array of designs within the hoop earring style, you can choose hoops to fit your personality and style. Hoop earrings are always going to look good, so these are an investment piece. 

  • Balenciaga Logo Stud Earrings

    Balenciaga is well-known for putting its logo everywhere, especially in recent years. These earrings are no exception – the stud is a BB monogram. The logo stud earrings are available in metallic gold and silver, and are small enough to stack alongside other studs and hoops. 

  • Balenciaga Rock Earrings

    Designed for pierced ears and made in France, Balenciaga’s rock earrings are crafted from a choice of colorful resin oversized stone. In the shape of irregular precious gems, these rock earrings will be the talking piece of any outfit. Show them off with swept-back hair.

How To Care For Your Balenciaga Earrings

We recommend that you store your Balenciaga earrings in the original packaging, or a soft pouch to ensure they are well protected. You should only ever add the earrings to your outfit once you have applied any make-up, hair products or perfume to avoid damaging the earrings’ finish. 


What are Balenciaga earrings made from?

As there is such an array of earrings within Balenciaga’s jewelry collection, it varies from piece to piece. However, the majority of earrings that are colored gold are made in Italy from brass, and silver-colored are normally silver metal. However, some of the brand’s earrings also feature pavé-set crystals and faux pearls and come in glossy black resin. Most of the stud earrings will feature a butterfly fastening for pierced ears. 

How can you tell if Balenciaga earrings are real?

Balenciaga engraves its logo on the back of every piece of jewelry, including each earring. The earrings should also come in with a Balenciaga dust bag and branded box. If you are worried about the authenticity of the earrings, you can contact Balenciaga directly.

Are Balenciaga earrings always one size?
Balenciaga often creates the same design of earrings in different sizes. Some studs are around 1.5cm in length with a width of 1cm, while some larger hoops are 3.5cm in height and 2.5cm wide.
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