Jan 2022


Outdoor pandemic gatherings are propelling a more hedonistic take on gorpcore. Fashion lovers are getting creative with their technical outerwear, customizing it, or choosing neon and retro styles (like the ones from Gucci and The North Face collaboration). Mushroom mania, psychedelic fashion, rave culture and the survivalist trend meet in this aesthetic, which is ultimately about engaging with nature in a deep way.

Photo: Spyder F22

It’s interesting that this style has actually evolved past just the clothes. It’s made it cool to go outside and hike and take pictures.

When I got into fashion I was interested in a style called ‘jewel wave’ where you would only wear bright but natural colors together. Gorpcore brands tend to make a lot of their clothes these colors so it’s fitting.

Julian Carter

Creator’s P.O.V.


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