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Alpha Bravo Lark Backpack - Black
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Saks Fifth Avenue
Tumi Alpha Bravo Tyndall Backpack - Black
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Saks Fifth Avenue
Alpha Brief Pack - Black
Saks Fifth Avenue
Voyageur Brooklyn Backpack - Black
$395 $236 (40% off)
Saks Fifth Avenue
Tahoe Finch Backpack - Blue
$475 $247 (45% off)
Saks Fifth Avenue
Camouflage Backpack - Blue
$495 $296 (40% off)
Saks Fifth Avenue
Lark Backpack - Black
Saks Fifth Avenue
Alpha Slim Solutions Brief Pack - Green
$475 $380 (20% off)
Saks Fifth Avenue
Tahoe Westlake Backpack - Black
$495 $396 (20% off)
East Dane

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Stylish and durable rarely ever go hand in hand. When you're shopping for backpacks the latter is what usually reigns supreme, but sometimes it would be nice just to have style too. Tumi has delivered with some of the most functional backpacks that still look good too. Whether it's nylon, canvas or leather, these backpacks are built to last. There are weather proofing options as well as wheeled packs for traveling needs. The abundance of pockets and storage space is reassuring as is the clean the aesthetic. Dependability and style is Tumi's specialty.

The Tumi Backpacks Buying Guide

Built to last, Tumi has been taking the backpack world by storm since 1975. Crafting some of the most practical, fashionable backpacks in a variety of textiles like nylon, canvas and leather, the brand’s collection is stylish and durable in equal measure. Some even feature weather proofing options as well as wheels for all your travel needs. Expect a multitude of pockets and ample storage space. Reliability and style are at the brand’s core. Take a look at our men’s Tumi backpack buying guide to discover your perfect pick. Also included is a care guide so you know all there is to know about your Tumi backpack.

The Most Wanted Men's Tumi Backpacks

  • Tumi Alpha Bravo Backpack

    Featuring military-inspired designs, the Tumi Alpha Bravo backpacks are ideal for casual travel and the workplace. Features include adjustable shoulder straps, carry handles, breathable mesh, zipper front pockets and side pockets. Stash up to a 15” laptop in its sleeve without worry while a pocket devoted to your iPad means you can split up your work time between work and play.

  • Tumi Just in Case Backpack

    Functional and fashionable, Tumi’s Just in Case backpack is ultra-lightweight and able to fold flat so it can be effortlessly packed into a larger bag. Whether you’re going about your daily business or embarking on more distant travels, you can rely on these nifty backpacks. Other features include a large two-way zipper opening which makes accessing anything a breeze.

  • Tumi Ridgewood Backpack

    Whether you’re meandering the city streets or ambling in open fields, the outdoor-friendly Tumi Ridgewood backpacks benefit from a rain cover and even a TUMI Tracer® system. As for pockets, there are more than you can count, including space for a 15” laptop. Inside are three pockets, two card slots, reflective strips and leather trims – a clever way to gear up for everything from your daily commute to your weekend escape.

How To Care For Your Tumi Backpack

If you want your backpack to stay in good condition, it’s important to look after it properly so it looks and feels like new many years down the line.

Since Tumi backpacks come in a variety of fabrics, the cleaning of your item depends on what your backpack is made of.

You can purchase nylon fabric refresher formulas which are great for spot cleaning your backpack. Products such as these remove dirt and most stains from ballistic and microfiber nylon fabrics.

• Using a clean, dry cloth, bristle brush or sponge, carefully rub away excess dirt from the fabric.

• Gently brush into the affected area then, after a couple of seconds, wipe once more using a clean, damp cloth and air dry.

For leather backpacks, you can purchase a leather conditioner designed to clean, polish and protect most leathers (excluding suede or napped finishes).

• Be sure to test the lotion on a small area before applying to the entire backpack.

• Use a clean, soft cloth to smooth the conditioner onto the leather surface.

• Leave to dry, then carefully buff with a soft, dry cloth.

• For optimum results, apply the conditioner to your backpack prior to its initial use.

• Reapply as needed.

• Avoid washing your backpack in the washing machine. 


Are Tumi backpacks waterproof?

While Tumi backpacks are water-resistant, they aren’t fully waterproof. A backpack labeled ‘waterproof’ means it can be completely submerged in water without any moisture getting inside. This isn’t the case with Tumi backpacks.

Can I wash a Tumi backpack?

You can hand wash your Tumi backpack by using a clean, dry cloth, bristle brush or sponge to wipe away excess dirt. Carefully rub into the affected area then wipe away after a couple of seconds. Wipe once more using a clean, damp cloth and air dry. Full instructions are detailed above.

Are Tumi backpacks worth it?

Tumi backpacks are definitely worth the investment. Perhaps the best thing about a Tumi backpack is the inclusion of a built-in global tracer device (this applies to some models). All you need to do is register your backpack online and if it gets lost anywhere in the world, there is a higher chance of it being returned to you. Plus, Tumi backpacks are crafted from high-end materials and the manufacturing process is ensured excellent thanks to extensive product testing.