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Thom Browne
Round Sunglasses - Blue
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Thom Browne
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Thom Browne
Metal Sunglasses - Blue
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Thom Browne
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Thom Browne
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Thom Browne sunglasses are all handcrafted with UV protection and anti-glare lenses. Ideal accessories all year round, take them on ski trips on to the beach, either way they'll shield you form the sun. Featuring signature tri-color stripes at the tips, all of the brand's designs whether aviator, cat eye or square, are instantly recognizable thanks to their super polished finish.

Men's Thom Browne Sunglasses Buying Guide

New York City-based fashion designer Thom Browne is known for his clothing and eyewear collections. Having worked with Ralph Lauren and Moncler in the past, Thom Browne brings his own unique take - backed by years of experience - to the forefront, with sharp tailoring and accessories designed to impress at any event. Handcrafted with 100% UV protection and lenses with an anti-glare finish, the Thom Browne sunglasses range is as practical as it is stylish. From beach travel and winter sun to formal outdoor events such as weddings and galas, Thom Browne eyewear has all occasions covered

The Most Wanted Thom Browne Sunglasses for Men

  • Men's Thom Browne Aviator Sunglasses

    Inspired by the eyewear of pilots and designed with the polished, elegant Thom Browne touch, the Aviator Sunglasses range from this brand are a versatile option for any event. There are styles to take you from casual to formal, including classic metal frames or contemporary acetate. 

  • Men's Thom Browne Round Sunglasses

    The Thom Browne Round Sunglasses collection is a fashionable fusion of retro and modern design. This range features quality full-rim metal frames with stand-out elements such as the addition of a brow bar or tinted lenses for all weather conditions. 

  • Men's Thom Browne Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

    Made for fans of vintage fashion, Thom Browne Tortoiseshell Sunglasses are timeless in appearance. Choose from round, square, rectangular and cateye silhouettes, and benefit from the vast range of lens colors for blocking out sunlight and reducing glare.

How To Care For Thom Browne Sunglasses

To care for your sunglasses from Thom Browne, always store them correctly in their glasses case when carrying them around. To prevent scratches to lenses, avoid wearing them on your head or putting them lense side down when placing them on a table or other surface.

Advice for cleaning your sunglasses:

• use the cleaning cloth provided or a soft microfiber to wipe your lense daily

• use a lens cleaning solution or lens cleaning kit for tough marks

• always dry your sunglasses after cleaning to prevent tarnishing or rust


What do Thom Browne sunglasses come with when you order online?

When you purchase your Thom Browne sunglasses online, whether direct from the Thom Browne website or another retailer, you will receive a glasses case as well as a high quality cleaning cloth. The glasses case will be inside a branded box, which is ideal as a gift or storage box. 

How do I know if Thom Browne sunglasses are real?

Authentic Thom Brown eyewear is made to the highest quality and manufacturing standards. Materials such as metal and acetate should never feel flimsy or low quality. Thom Browne branding should also be seen on the inside of the arms, as well as the sunglasses case and cloth provided. To make sure you are buying from an authentic seller, shop with official retailers only. 

Where are Thom Browne sunglasses made?

Men’s Thom Browne sunglasses are manufactured by Dita Eyewear, one of the leading eyewear brands in the world that creates their products in Japan.