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Acg Cargo Pant - Brown
$169 $115 (30% off)
Nrg Acg Pant Cargo Wvn - Multicolor
$154 $108 (30% off)
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Acg Woven Pant - Yellow
$95 $59 (35% off)
Nsw Vw Swoosh Woven Track Pants - Black
$110 $88 (20% off)
Dry Academy Pant - Black
$45 $23 (45% off)
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Dry Pant - Multicolor
$65 $30 (50% off)
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Golf Flex Hybrid Pant - Natural
$80 $36 (55% off)
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Woven Pants - Black
$136 $68 (50% off)
Acg Trail Pant - Blue
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The Nike Pants Buying Guide

American sports giant Nike is the ultimate one-stop-shop for athletes. While the brand started out specializing in premium athletic shoes, it has since expanded to apparel and more. Nike pants have been proven to be one of their top hits in apparel for its ability to protect athletes’ active lifestyles while remaining stylish. Their pants are built with athletically inspired tech that supports the body while on the move playing sports, working out, and for today’s casual athleisure trend. Track pants, tech fleece joggers, tights, and cargo gear all fit their way into this easily wearable line. Ahead, we’ll guide you through the most wanted styles, help you find your perfect size, and give tips on how to care for your Nike pants.

The Most Wanted Men’s Nike Pants

  • Nike Tech Fleece Joggers

    Why let the cold weather affect your workout? These fleece-lined joggers are not only soft, but they keep your legs warm while you endure cold weather. Nike Tech Fleece joggers are lightweight and make it a simple task to keep moving forward to push your endurance. Available in black, navy, and other neutral colors, the practicality of these pants will fit easily into any wardrobe. 

  • Nike Cargo Pants

    Canvas pants that have the ability to carry all the daily essentials — what more could someone want in a pant? Low-rise, elastic stretch waistband becomes cinched at the waist with a tech-belt. Always striving to be innovative, the brand designed the fabric to be infused with heat tech and excellent odor absorption that will keep the wearer fresh among most circumstances. 

  • Nike Woven Track Pants

    A standard go-to item, the weather-resistant Nike woven track pants are easy to slip on and live an active lifestyle. Nike logo adorned, elastic waistband, lightweight fabric and equipped with zipper pockets to keep your essentials safe, the fitted pants come in at the ankles to allow you to move around without having to worry about reaching down to make fit adjustments. Classically styled, the Nike woven track pants can also be worn as athleisure in your everyday activities — not just in sports.

The Men’s Nike Pants Sizing Guide

Unsure of your size? Nike pants run true to size, so we recommend purchasing your typical pant size. Below is a measuring guide for reference. 

Size Chart: Regular (5’7” - 6’ / 170 - 183cm)

XS< 29< 353230

Size Chart: Big and Tall (6’ - 6’5” / 183 - 196cm)

S TALL29-3235-37.534.25
M TALL32-3537.5-4134.5
L TALL35-3841-4434.75
XL TALL38-4344-4735
2XL TALL43-47.547-50.535.25
3XL TALL47.5-52.550.5-53.535.5
4XL TALL52.5-5753.5-5836

How To Care For Your Nike Pants

To make sure your Nike pants last a long time, be sure to check the care label for instructions that pertain to your specific pant before washing them for the first time. Most Nike pants are machine-washable. We recommend drying them on a low setting if you use a dryer, however, air-drying your Nike pants is preferred. 


Why is Nike considered an elite athletic brand?

Since the 1970s, Nike has created an athletic global conglomerate that shook the sports scene with its tech-infused gear and expert marketing tactics. Over time, the company has proven time and time again that the materials they use are always premium and tested thoroughly for superior performance capabilities. Using the best quality materials and continuing to push the envelope with new designs and tech, it has become the most trusted brand that even the NFL has agreed to continue to be sponsored by Nike through 2028. 

Is Nike doing anything to be a socially and environmentally responsible company?

Yes, Nike has opened its doors to transparency, allowing customers to see its business practices as much as possible. It is constantly updating its practices to better the production line, including monitoring and promoting the well-being of their workers. The brand has also partnered with other companies to try to stay updated with the latest social and environmental responsibilities. 

Is Nike doing anything about climate change?

By sourcing environmentally friendly materials before it even hits the production line, Nike is taking a step towards becoming more environmentally friendly. One of the targets it has been focusing on is the reduction of carbon and water use, which occurs during the dying and end process of apparel production. The brand has also been researching better-equipped materials that affect the environment less after the use of its shoes or apparel. With the ongoing efforts to continue to better its practices, Nike is on the right foot to minimize its carbon footprint.