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GG Buckle Belt - Black
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Gucci belts are designed for the modern man. From classic black and brown leather styles to monogrammed canvas, the interlocking G buckles and the trademark red and green stripes feature throughout the brand's accessories collection. In a range of adjustable styles and lengths, there's a Gucci belt to suit every shape and style you can think of.

The Buyers Guide to Gucci Belts

Inspired by designs from its archives, Gucci belts are instantly recognizable thanks to their signature buckles. Available in a variety of styles and colors, the brand’s belts demonstrate Italian craftsmanship and a detail-oriented eclectic aesthetic. From the classic monogram GG Supreme belts, to edgy snake motifs, bees, stars and interlocking G logo, these belts work for any occasion. Read on for our Gucci men’s belts buying guide, which will help you narrow down the style and size for you. 

The Most Wanted Gucci Belts

  • Gucci GG Supreme Belt

    Gucci’s Supreme belt has lasted the test of time, and is a key piece to any wardrobe. The reversible belt offers the GG Supreme canvas print on one side and a solid leather on the reverse. Finished with the interlocking G buckle. For even more versatility, this belt is designed to be worn or a hip or waist belt, but please note, sizing will differ based on where the belt is worn. Measuring 4cm wide, the belt is made from natural materials in Italy. 

  • Gucci GG Supreme Belt with Kingsnake Print

    Make a statement with this unusual take on Gucci’s classic Supreme print belt, with the eye catching Kingsnake print in rad, white and blue. The snake, thought to symbolize wisdom and power emerges as one of the signature details across the Gucci collections, and can be found overlaying the GG Supreme canvas construction on this slim fit belt. The canvas material low environmental impact, and an antique brass buckle adds the finishing touch. 

  • Gucci Reversible GG Buckle Belt

    It is finished with the Double G buckle which takes inspiration from an archival design from the '70s-a hallmark era of the House. The reversible design means that the dual belt can be worn as black or brown textured leather, and is 3.7cm wide. 

The Men’s Gucci Belts Sizing Guide

Men’s belts are available in the Gucci waist measurement in centimeters, which is easily translatable to your waist size in inches. Belts are typically two inches larger than your waist or hip size, and are measured to the middle hole; there are usually five holes on a belt, allowing flexibility regarding the size you purchase.

In the US, belts are measured in inches. However, most European countries measure belts in centimeters. European belt sizes for both genders increase in 5 centimeter increments. If you are between sizes, it is generally advisable to go up to the larger belt size. You may also want a slightly larger size if you plan to wear your belt both at the waist and around the hips. The low rise fit of a hip belt requires a larger size than what you’d need to wear only around your waist.

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How do I know that my Gucci belt is genuine?

Every Gucci belt will come with a branded, logo-embossed packaging. The logo will also be printed on the inside of the belt. Gucci products are sold by Gucci retail and outlet stores, as well as authorized retailers and department stores. 

Do Gucci men's belts go left or right?

The belt is inserted through the left-side loops first, so that when done up, the spare end is on your left, too and complements the waist of your pants which are also fastened in that way.

How do I care for my Gucci belt?

Most Gucci belts are made from 100% Italian leather, and come with brushed gold plated or nickel plated buckles. Italian leather is chosen for its quality, with only natural vegetable and plant-based extracts used during the manufacturing process.

To keep your Gucci belt looking its best, we recommend cleaning with a soft cloth, saddle soap and lukewarm water and hanging vertically to dry. Leather belts can dry out if stored in sunlight and can get mildew damage if stored in humid areas, so we would advise keeping your belt rolled up in a protective bag when not in use.