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Dita Eyewear Sunglasses - Brown
Dita Eyewear
Sunglasses - Brown
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Dita Eyewear Dts404/a/01 Alican - Black
Dita Eyewear
Dts404/a/01 Alican - Black
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Dedicated to the production of beautiful shades and sunglasses since 1995, Los Angeles-based premium label Dita Eyewear is proud to deliver handmade accessories for its discerning clientele that have been through more than 300 separate stages of production. Distinguished by fit, quality and look, collections from this luxury brand are unrivaled in comfort and timeless style. From vintage-inspired frames to contemporary accessories, men's Dita Eyewear sunglasses are sharp, eye-catching and seriously cool 'wear with anything to add a sophisticated nonchalance to your look.

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