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COACH brown Leather Wallet
brown Leather Wallet
$357$197(45% off)
COACH Black Leather Wallet Nd Uomo
Black Leather Wallet Nd Uomo
$453$362(20% off)
COACH Brown Leather Wallet Nd Uomo
Brown Leather Wallet Nd Uomo
$453$362(20% off)

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Starting life in a New York loft, with just a few artisan craftsmen working to create their designs, Coach has since evolved into one of the leading brands in the US in recent years. Fine leather and highly skilled craftsmanship now mark out Coach's accessories. Their range of men's wallets fuse classic and timeless style with contemporary and innovative designs, for high-end pieces that are both functional and sleek. A Coach wallet is an investment accessory designed to meet your needs and last you for life.

The COACH Wallets Buying Guide

COACH is one of the most popular and prestigious luxury brands in America, so it’s no surprise that the label’s high-quality wallets are second-to-none. Made from signature premium leather and expertly crafted, COACH’s line of high-end wallets are known for blending classic and modern designs. From bold colors to sleek understated pieces, these wallets perfectly fit all your coins, cards and notes, and are both practical and stylish. Follow this COACH Men’s Wallets buying guide to find the perfect wallet to suit your lifestyle and last you for life. 

The Most Wanted Coach Men’s Wallets

  • COACH 3-in-1 Wallet

    Made from leather of canvas, COACH’s 3-in-1 wallets come in a double billfold style with a removable ID window insert that can be used on its own. Featuring the brand’s iconic logo, this wallet is a great everyday piece that will last you a lifetime. 

  • COACH Double Billfold Wallet

    The COACH Double Billfold wallet is a classic style detailed with COACH’s signature ‘C’ monogram print. Each of its slots are finished with a hand-turned edge for longevity and sturdiness. Plus, the canvas make of this stylish yet practical wallet is water-resistant to keep all your possessions safe. 

  • COACH Compact ID Wallet

    Handcrafted in sport calf leather, the COACH Compact ID wallet is both functional and sleek. Including eight credit card pockets, two full-length billfolds and a conveniently removable ID window insert, this timeless piece is great for everyday wear. 


What are COACH wallets made of?

COACH wallets are known for their luxury and high-end leather finishes and distinctive leather grains and colors. COACH wallets also come in the brand’s signature canvas. 

How can you tell if your COACH wallet is real?

COACH uses high quality leather in all its pieces. If your leather is stiff, feels like plastic, is paper thin and prone to peeling, then it is likely a counterfeit. COACH logos are found close to the top of the zipper in wallets, and are made from genuine leather. The wallet will also contain a Creed Patch detailing information about the product, including the serial number. There will never be any spelling or grammar mistakes on this patch. Finally, the majority of authentic COACH wallets have genuine leather zips and usually bear the letters YKK. 

Where are COACH wallets made?

The majority of COACH wallets are made in the USA or China, ensuring a premium finish.