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Atlantique Ascoli Loose - Brown
Atlantique Ascoli
Loose - Brown
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Atlantique Ascoli 1.7 Skirt - Red
Atlantique Ascoli
1.7 Skirt - Red
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Atlantique Ascoli Mardi Top - Blue
Atlantique Ascoli
Mardi Top - Blue
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Parisian designer, Atlantique Ascoli launched her eponymous fashion line in an attempt to find the perfect blouse. With the classic staple at the forefront of the label's collections each season, Atlantique Ascoli is also inspired by Victorian tailoring and the clean lines of modern architecture and sportswear and offers her signature voluminous dresses, shirts and tunics in a subdued and wearable palette. This collection of women's Atlantique Ascoli clothing features beautifully cut pieces that will fit seamlessly in to your everyday closet. Choose from crisp white shirts with chic high collars, pleated midi dresses, ruffle neck crop tops, shirt dresses and long cozy sweaters with pockets.