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Infuse your look or someone close to you with Alex and Ani's uniquely inspired ethical jewelry. Every piece follows a belief of positivity and enlightenment, carrying a message and representing a charity. Choose from zodiac and initial charm bracelets or be bohemian with stacked bangles. Making an ideal gift for Valentine's or Mother's Day, every part of an Alex and Ani bracelet is thought through.

The Alex and Ani Bracelets Buying Guide

Infused with positive energy, Alex and Ani is named after the designer’s eldest daughters and the family-run brand spreads aims to spread this throughout its bracelet designs. Coupled with eco-conscious American craftsmanship, the iconic bracelet collection offers bangles with good intentions. Each piece of jewelry features a symbol that carries its own unique energy, encouraging the wearer to choose designs with personal meaning such as empowerment and luck. Read on for our Alex and Ani bracelets buying guide, which will help you decide on the best style for you. 

The Most Wanted Alex and Ani Bracelets

  • Alex and Ani Mandarin Cuff

    Plated in Rafealian gold, this Mandarin Cuff is perfect for women who have a spirit of adventure. With a simple yellow stone to symbolise the power of light and life, the open cuff comes with a punched edge to add a touch of vintage to this classic design. Worn on its own, or coupled with other bangles, this is a meaningful accessory for someone with a unique zest for life, and will fit a 6.5-7.5 inch wrist.

  • Alex and Ani Path of Life Set

    Make an impression with this stunning, delicate bangle set, from the Alex and Ani Symbols collection. The adjustable bangles are made from recycled brass and steel, and represent the essence of everything, and the unity of life’s cycle. This is ideal if you want to connect more deeply with your inner spirit, or encourage someone to seek this connectedness. Made in USA and comfortably fits a size 6.5-7.5 inch wrist.

  • Alex and Ani Armour Bracelet

    For a simple yet striking statement, this extendable diamante bracelet features 14-karat rose gold-plated sterling silver, with an integrated "Amour" script. Made in the USA, this bangle represents the pure, unwavering power of love and has an adjustable lobster clasp which fits a 6.5-7.5 inch wrist. 

How To Care For Your Alex and Ani bracelets

As each piece of jewelry encompasses a symbol that carries its own unique energy they must be treated with care. However, it is very easy to keep Alex and Ani bangles clean. Rinse your bracelet with clean water and lather with soap. Using your soft toothbrush, gently scrub your bracelet, clean crystals if necessary. Thoroughly dry each bracelet before wearing or storing.


Are the bracelets one size fits all?

The bracelets only come in one size, but they have a signature tightening mechanism that replaces a traditional clasp on bracelets

Are the brand’s bracelets ethical?

In keeping with the beliefs of the founder, all the Alex and Ani jewelry is produced in the greater Providence, Rhode Island area, created with love and intention in sensibly chosen American factories. The manufacturing process is steeped in corporate consciousness, closely considering the health of the environment and local communities.

What are Alex and Ani bracelets made of?

The bracelets are all made of recycled material, which has given them a natural aging process and adds to the beauty of the bracelet. Certain Alex and Ani bracelets are made from recycled brass and they have a Russian silver or Russian gold finish. The charms are made of coated brass for longevity.