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Give your gym bags collection an instant upgrade with on-trend additions from our selection at Lyst. Each piece is crafted with care and every detail is carefully considered. Striking a fine balance between classic and contemporary, canvas gym bags provide an easy way to give your wardrobe an instant update. Your canvas gym bags will become more beautiful with time as long you take special care when maintaining them. With the right care, canvas gym bags can last for years. We advise spot cleaning with a mix of warm water and mild laundry detergent. Rinse the cloth and repeat to remove any remaining soap from the canvas. Protect colored canvas by using a non-bleaching soap and spot testing to check that the color does not fade. A stain remover product can be used for more ingrained dirt, and tested on a small discreet area first to check for discoloration. Do not rub to prevent damage to the canvas. Always allow canvas to air dry, as drying in the machine can sometimes cause shrinkage. Iron or steam to remove wrinkles. For gym bags that are sure to see you through the rest of the season, shop the collection today.

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