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Colmar Waistcoat - Red
Waistcoat - Red
C$250C$186(25% off)
Colmar Logo-patch Jacket - Blue
Logo-patch Jacket - Blue
C$251C$203(15% off)
Colmar Polyamide Down Jacket - Blue
Polyamide Down Jacket - Blue
C$617C$585(5% off)
Colmar Colmar Jackets - Grey
Colmar Jackets - Grey
C$552C$409(25% off)
Colmar Cotton Sweatshirt - Blue
Cotton Sweatshirt - Blue
C$145C$136(5% off)
Colmar Polyamide Outerwear Jacket - Red
Polyamide Outerwear Jacket - Red
C$251C$236(5% off)
Colmar Urban Gilet - Blue
Urban Gilet - Blue
The Clutcher
Colmar Tech Nylon Puffer Jacket - Black
Tech Nylon Puffer Jacket - Black
C$594C$486(15% off)
Colmar Other Materials Vest - White
Other Materials Vest - White
C$294C$234(20% off)
Colmar Blaze - Shiny Down Jacket - Black
Blaze - Shiny Down Jacket - Black
C$742C$612(15% off)
Colmar Urban Gilet - Grey
Urban Gilet - Grey
The Clutcher

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Colmar jackets are Italian activewear that's designed with a range of sports in mind. From skiing and golf to tennis, the brand has worked with professional athletes to develop designs that merge high-tech performance fabrics with classic silhouettes for a modern look. Whether it's a lightweight hiking jacket or a down-filled jacket for cooler climes, these pieces are the perfect options for the active man.

The Men’s Colmar Jackets Buying Guide

Run with an innate drive to constantly recreate and find the next best performance technology: meet Colmar. The brand’s jacket line is the perfect combination of elegance and sports. Rich in history of supporting some of the world’s best athletes - primarily in skiing and golf - Colmar has a reputation for pushing the envelope when it comes to creating high-tech performance-wear for the sports elite. You’ll find a selection of down jackets like the polyester down, flack down, oversized Pertex quantum down, neoprene insert features, three-tone glossy nylon puffer jacket, among others in this expert outdoors line.

Ahead, we’ll help you choose the best style for you, find the right fit, and give valuable tips on how to care for your Colmar jacket.

The Most Wanted Men’s Colmar Jackets

  • Colmar Polyester Down Jackets

    As a Colmar original, this style has withstood the test of time with its classic style and durable build. Ultimate measures are taken to quilt and tier the padded down on the entire jacket. Expertly locking in the heat with its feather down build, you can count on the Colmar polyester down jacket to keep your warm through inclement weather. Stamped with the brand’s signature logo embroidered patch. Available in a wide assortment of primarily neutral colors and some with neoprene features, this iconic jacket will fit nicely into your cold weather wardrobe.

  • Colmar Casual Jackets

    While the Colmar logo patch embellished jacket signifies premium quality, the brand’s casual looks are a go-to for an everyday off duty look. Thrown on easily over daily attire, this is a style that will get you from point A to point B. Biker styles, tech-driven materials, and polyamide down fabrications and more make up the casual line. Styles can be found in geometric, camouflage, and monochrome colors. 

  • Colmar Down and Padded Jackets

    Hit the Alpines in a sleek Colmar down and padded jacket. Fully equipped with technical features to make your experience down the slopes that much easier, it is no surprise this is a brand favorite. Between the water resistant, tech fabrics with inner pockets, quilted details, and mid to lightweight premium fabrications--there is a Colmar down and padded jacket that will fit into your lifestyle.

The Men’s Colmar Jacket Sizing Guide

Unsure of what size to get? Colmar jackets fit true to size, so we recommend purchasing your normal jacket size. Be sure to take note of the description on the retailer’s website to see how the jacket is supposed to fit (i.e. slim fit, relaxed, oversized) so you know how the jacket will actually fit when it arrives.

Size guide


International size conversion chart

Colmar Originals Size4042444648505254565860
Germany - Austria - Switzerland4042444648505254565860
France - Spain3840424446485052545658

How To Care For Your Colmar Jacket

Colmar has been around for decades, each year proving their stayability and timeless style. To maintain your jacket’s newness, there is some maintenance that needs to be done periodically to keep it in good shape. As always, we recommend checking the care label inside your jacket for specific instructions first before proceeding to clean-- just in case your jacket has unique needs.

First, machine wash your Colmar jacket by placing it on a cold setting. Once the cycle is done, place it in the dryer and tumble-dry on low for 4-hours, or as needed with 2-dryer ballers (or clean tennis balls) to prevent the down from getting lumpy. Do not iron or bleach.

Dry cleaning your jacket is recommended as an alternative method. 


How do I know if my Colmar jacket is authentic?

Since the Fall/Winter collection of 2013, Colmar has ensured their products are authentic by using Certilogo. Certilogo is an easy, safe way to check a product’s authenticity before or after purchase. All you have to do is find the label within the garment and scan the QR code with your phone, or manually type in the 12-digit code on the Certilogo website. It will give you a response immediately certifying if the product is authentic.

My puffy coat has lost its “puffiness” — how do I get it back to its normal condition?

It’s normal for a puffy jacket to “lose” its puff. Luckily, there is an easy fix for this! Place your jacket in a dryer with 2 dryer balls (tennis balls work just as well) and turn the machine on for a low-heat cycle. Promptly remove your jacket when the cycle is over and pat your coat gently. It should be back to its original condition.

Is Colmar worth the investment?

Yes! Family-owned brand Colmar has been around for decades, each year working to find innovative ways to help athletes reach their max potential in the brand’s outerwear. Always pushing the envelope while designing tech-infused gear and also maintaining its timeless style, you can be confident that this purchase has been well thought out and engineered by one of the top outerwear brands in the world. The Colmar patch logo found on all their products guarantees long-lasting quality.