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Gucci Yellow Gold GG Running Necklace - Metallic
Yellow Gold GG Running Necklace - Metallic
C$3,561C$3,102(10% off)
Rue La La
Gucci GG Running Necklace - Metallic
GG Running Necklace - Metallic
C$3,561C$3,102(10% off)
Rue La La
Gucci Flora Necklace - Metallic
Flora Necklace - Metallic
C$3,574C$3,115(10% off)
Rue La La
Gucci 18k GG Necklace - Metallic
18k GG Necklace - Metallic
C$3,446C$3,000(10% off)
Rue La La
Gucci 18k GG Running Necklace - Metallic
18k GG Running Necklace - Metallic
C$2,196C$2,043(5% off)
Rue La La

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Born from Florentine saddlemaker Guccio Gucci's small luggage company in 1921, the legendary house of Gucci is renowned for its innovative take on classic silhouettes. Now headed by Alessandro Michele, the brand's signature style has been updated with a contemporary and edgy twist. The brand's refined range of women's necklaces boasts fine metals and innovative designs. Each Gucci necklace is carefully constructed with creative designs, rich textures, high-quality materials and a dose of contemporary attitude.

The Women's Gucci Necklaces Buying Guide

Designed with contemporary attitude and a nod to the company’s rich heritage, the Gucci jewelry range is a fusion of old and new. Women’s Gucci necklaces feature signature looks that are synonymous with the Italian luxury brand, with retro design elements that are recognized by fashion crowds across the globe. Anywhere you go, the famous Gucci lion head or the iconic GG logo form an unspoken understanding between high fashion fans who appreciate the finer things. This jewelry collection plays on all of Gucci’s most celebrated designs, extracting inspiration from its archives and updating them with current runway trends. Use our buying guide below to find out more about the best Gucci necklaces on offer right now. 

The Most Wanted Gucci Necklaces for Women

  • Women's Gucci Lion Head Necklaces

    The Gucci Lion Head Necklace is without a doubt one of the most recognized designs of the house. Inspired by a retro aesthetic that came to popularity in the 80s, this range of necklaces brings a bold glam look to any outfit. Necklaces are available in both aged and shiny gold tone or aged and shiny silver tone finishes.  

  • Women's Gucci GG Logo Necklaces

    The Gucci GG Logo Necklace is a hugely coveted fashion item, and has been popularized by the Gucci Marmont handbags and accessories collection. These necklaces are available in both the fine jewelry range and fashion jewelry range. 

  • Women's Gucci Diamond Necklaces

    For women who prefer to style fine jewelry with a more permanent aesthetic, the Gucci Diamond Necklaces collection is the ultimate choice in high end luxury. All diamonds used are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council whose mission is to promote responsible, ethical, social and environmental practices to guarantee human rights. 

How To Care For Your Gucci Jewelry

Women's Gucci necklaces can be purchased from the fine jewelry range or the fashion jewelry range. Fine jewelry is made from solid 18k gold (including white gold) or 925 sterling silver. These will not tarnish and are made to last forever.

The fashion jewelry range from Gucci is made from metal and finished with a gold or silver tone layer. To prolong the life of fashion jewelry pieces, avoid contact with water. Always remove when swimming or showering.  


Are women’s Gucci necklaces hypoallergenic?

Women’s fine jewelry from Gucci is made with solid silver or gold and is therefore hypoallergenic. The fashion jewelry collection is made from nickel-free metal and is also hypoallergenic.

Who can I contact about existing Gucci jewelry items I have?

Gucci provides after sales services for jewelry purchased from, Gucci stores and other authorized Gucci retailers, such as the ones featured on Lyst.

How do you know if women’s Gucci necklaces are real?

Authentic fine jewelry from Gucci is made with 925 sterling silver of 18k gold, and they use real diamonds and precious stones in their designs. Replicas do exist but they are merely imitations and will easily break or tarnish. Any costume or fashion jewelry is made from high quality materials, including metal, and should come with a branded box. To avoid counterfeit sellers, always shop with reputable retailers. It is also recommended to report any fake Gucci websites to