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Gucci Dog Tag Necklace 236 - Metallic
Dog Tag Necklace 236 - Metallic
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Gucci 60cm G Cube Necklace - Metallic
60cm G Cube Necklace - Metallic
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Work Gucci's refined Italian luxury into your everyday line-up with the label's collection of necklaces. Designed for the modern man, Gucci's necklaces range from chunky vintage-inspired chains and diamond crosses to utilitarian dog tags and woven-leather styles. Expect to see pendants and beaded pieces alike, accented with embossed logos, the signature red and green colourway and the iconic interlocking GG motif.

The Gucci Necklaces Buying Guide

The Gucci label has redefined Italian luxury, appealing to high fashion fans in a multitude of ways. Bringing together retro elements with high end finishes, the brand has given accessories the leading role on today’s runway. Men’s Gucci necklaces are expressions of the house, featuring signature looks that are instantly recognizable anywhere you go. From chunky chains and cross pendants to the iconic Gucci lion or the famous G logo, there are many designs to choose from. This jewelry collection is designed for the modern man, yet it features timeless, vintage-inspired necklaces that will never go out of style. See our shopping guide below to discover your perfect Gucci piece from the range.

The Most Wanted Gucci Necklaces For Men

  • Gucci Lion Head Necklaces

    The lion emblem is a signature look of the house, as seen on belts, bags, t-shirts and jackets. The men’s Gucci Lion Head Necklaces collection features chains and chokers, gold plated pendants or crystal-studded pendants. 

  • Gucci G Pendant Necklaces

    The Gucci G Pendant Necklace range features the famous interlocking ‘G’ logo, which has been a popular logo style as seen on men’s belts other leather goods from the house. Find necklaces in 925 sterling silver or 18k yellow gold, in classic chain styles, gourmette chain styles or dog tag style.   

  • Gucci Cross Necklaces

    One of the best selling styles from the men’s jewelry range is the Gucci cross, a pendant design that can be easily styled for a range of outfits. The vast Gucci Cross Necklace collection includes designs such as the G cross, the gem-studded cross, and necklaces in sterling silver or gold. 

How To Care For Your Gucci Necklace

Caring for your Gucci jewelry is easy as all products from the fine jewelry range are made from solid silver or gold and are tarnish-free. However, to maintain the beauty of your jewelry, make sure you clean it regularly and store it in the box provided when not in use.

Fashion jewelry from Gucci is made from metal and finished in gold or silver-tone.

Gucci provides after sales services for jewelry purchased from Gucci.com, Gucci stores and other authorized Gucci retailers, such as the ones featured on Lyst.


Are men’s Gucci necklaces hypoallergenic?

Men's Gucci necklaces in the fine jewelry range are all made with solid silver or gold and other nickel-free materials. They are all hypoallergenic and safe to wear on all skin types. 

Are real diamonds used in men’s Gucci necklaces?

A variety of precious stones are used, including diamonds. Gucci guarantees within its supply chain respect for Social & Environmental Responsibility in line with its sustainability strategy. All diamonds used are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council whose mission is to promote responsible, ethical, social and environmental practices to guarantee human rights all the way from the mines to retail shelves. 

How do you know if Men's Gucci Necklaces is real?

Authentic Gucci Necklaces from the fine jewelry range are made with 925 sterling silver of 18k gold, and they use real diamonds and precious stones in their designs. Replicas do exist but they are merely imitations and will easily break or tarnish. To avoid buying a fake Gucci product, always shop with reputable retailers. It is also recommended to report any fake Gucci websites to counterfeit@gucci.com. Please also be aware that Gucci does have a fashion jewelry range, which is made from metal. 

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