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When it comes to satchels from Longchamp, Lyst has you covered. Longchamp uses only high quality materials for its satchels, such as leather, ensuring each piece looks as good as it feels. Longchamp's satchels are a worthy investment, which will work for both casual and formal occasions. Longchamp's satchels always provide a truly elevated take on classic staples. Leather items are a great investment, and it pays to care for them properly. Ensure your leather satchels stays beautiful for years to come by cleaning and storing it properly. We suggest wiping away dust and spots with a soft cloth or brush weekly. Apply a leather protection cream in circular motions before its first use. This protective barrier will help prevent marks and scratches, as well as repelling water and stains. If leather does get wet, allow to dry naturally at room temperature away from direct heat. Discover the new-season satchels from Longchamp. Shop now for all the latest pieces.

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