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Gucci Rajah Brooch - Metallic
Rajah Brooch - Metallic
A$1,200Sold out
Gucci Flower Brooch - White
Flower Brooch - White
A$465Sold out
Gucci Floral Pin - Blue
Floral Pin - Blue
A$465Sold out
Gucci Web Grosgrain Bow Brooch - Blue
Web Grosgrain Bow Brooch - Blue
A$445Sold out
Gucci Web Bow Brooch - Green
Web Bow Brooch - Green
A$534.25Sold out
Gucci Crystal Double G Brooch - Metallic
Crystal Double G Brooch - Metallic
A$707Sold out
Browns Fashion
Gucci Web Neck Bow - Red
Web Neck Bow - Red
A$495Sold out
Gucci Brooch - Purple
Brooch - Purple
A$424Sold out
Gucci Brooch - Yellow
Brooch - Yellow
A$424Sold out
Gucci Silk Brooch - Blue
Silk Brooch - Blue
A$465Sold out
Gucci Brooch - Green
Brooch - Green
A$401Sold out
Gucci Crystal Feline Brooch - Pink
Crystal Feline Brooch - Pink
A$1,970.51Sold out
Gucci GG Crystal Brooch - Metallic
GG Crystal Brooch - Metallic
A$658Sold out
24 Sèvres
Gucci Web Bow Brooch With Pearls - Green
Web Bow Brooch With Pearls - Green
A$756Sold out
Liberty London
Gucci Brooch - Pink
Brooch - Pink
A$424Sold out
Gucci Silk Flower Brooch - Pink
Silk Flower Brooch - Pink
A$600Sold out
Gucci Gold-plated Resin Brooch - Red
Gold-plated Resin Brooch - Red
A$270Sold out

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Founded in 1921 in Florence, Gucci has grown to become one of the world's most famous fashion houses, thanks to creative input from the likes of Tom Ford and Frida Giannini. Now under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, who was promoted from a behind-the-scenes designer in 2015, the Italian label has a more romantic outlook on things. Expect pussy-bow blouses, charm bracelets and brooches with the brand's usual luxury handwriting but also a more obvious prettiness.

The Gucci Brooches Buying Guide

The Gucci brooch is an iconic accessory that is synonymous with high fashion fans all over the world. With its signature design elements such as the striped Gucci ribbon, double GG hardware, the Rajah tiger, and the famous Gucci Bee emblem, the brooch range ticks all the boxes and covers many styles in the Gucci archives. These are costume jewelry pieces created for adding to an everyday wardrobe. Use our buying guide below to find the perfect Gucci brooch for your personal collection. 

The Most Wanted Women’s Gucci Brooches

  • Gucci Web Bow Brooches

    Made with the signature Gucci ribbon, the Gucci Web Bow Brooches range features designs that are instantly recognized by devoted Gucci fans. Finished with pearls and gems, this collection is both edgy and feminine. The bows are large in size and are made for being styled with a shirt collar, but can be worn anywhere. Colors range from classic red and green to nautical. 

  • Gucci GG Brooches

    Designed with the iconic GG logo, the Gucci GG brooches collection is a great match for the popular Gucci GG handbags and belts range. Hardware is available in both antique gold and silver, and designs range from colored resin to gemstones. 

  • Gucci Rajah Brooches

    From the fashion house’s Rajah line, Gucci Rajah Brooches are studded with gems in various colors. A statement accessory, this brooch style coincides with the popular Rajah handbag range. 

How To Care For Your Gucci Brooch

Women’s Gucci brooches are costume jewelry pieces, and are not to be worn as fine jewelry. Made mostly from metal such as palladium as well as other materials such as fabric, brooches may tarnish and change color over time. Embellished items may need to be handled and stored with care.

To care for your Gucci brooch and prolong its appearance, follow these instructions.

• Always store your Gucci brooch in the box or bag provided when not in use.

• Avoid long exposure to sunlight and avoid direct contact with water.

• Avoid chemicals such as perfumes, sprays and other products.

• Polish your brooch with a microfiber cloth to keep it clean after wearing.


Are Gucci brooches hypoallergenic?

All Gucci brooches and costume jewelry is made using hypoallergenic and nickel-free materials in accordance with the current international regulations. 

Where are Gucci brooches made?

Like much of the Gucci clothing and accessories range, Gucci costume jewelry is made in Italy.  

How can I check whether my Gucci brooch is authentic?

Genuine Gucci brooches and costume jewelry will come in high quality jewelry boxes or bags with Gucci branding. They are also made with the finest craftsmanship, with perfectly aligned gemstones and heavy duty hardware in aged gold or palladium. If you want to avoid buying a fake item, shop with verified retailers featured on Lyst or direct from a Gucci store. There’s been a recent rise of counterfeit websites selling heavily discounted items. Real Gucci items do not normally go on sale, so always check before you buy. 

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