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COACH Deep Campus Backpack - Red
Deep Campus Backpack - Red
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COACH Textured-leather Backpack - Blue
Textured-leather Backpack - Blue
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COACH Parker Backpack 16 - Black
Parker Backpack 16 - Black
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Brown Leather Backpack
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Founded in 1941 as a family-run workshop in a Manhattan loft, luxury label Coach began with just six artisans handcrafting a collection of leather goods using skills passed down a line of generations. The brand soon became synonymous with high quality and authentic design with a distinctive American style. The brand has since expanded to include a collection of fine leather goods, accessories and jewellery, in addition to recently launching its first ready-to-wear collection from creative director Stuart Vevers. Updated with bold Americana prints, Coach's collection of backpacks adds a fresh dimension to a classic design, with handy internal compartments to store the essentials.

The Coach Backpacks Buying Guide

Coach’s range of refined leather backpacks offers practical storage combined with high-fashion elegance to accompany you up and downtown alike. The brand’s range of lightweight, convertible backpacks serves both as a fashion statement and an efficient yet feminine accessory, and the timeless styles and high-quality materials guarantee years of everyday use. Take a look at our Coach backpack buyer's guide, which will help you stay on trend and decide on the rucksack that works best for you.

The Most Wanted Coach Backpacks

  • Coach Parker Backpacks

    These classic and timeless mini backpacks are lightweight, versatile accessories. As unique hybrids, you can use the adjustable handles and straps to easily convert your backpack into a shoulder bag or tote. The Signature Parker features a central compartment secured with the iconic Coach turnlock. It's made out of smooth and refined leather, and you can choose from either a quilted and riveted finish or subtly patterned canvas. Either way, these backpacks suit any outfit and personality.

  • Coach Campus Backpacks

    The broad Campus range embraces fashion and function, providing several interior and exterior pockets. This practical backpack makes a conservative yet elegant statement on campus but still looks good on a night out. Available in black and light gold, it's made out of polished pebble leather, a timeless classic. For a more personal statement, the range also expands into pink and brown models made out of equally enduring materials.

  • Coach Evie Backpacks

    Available in a variety of colors and materials, from timeless grey to tan and rust in coated canvas, these bags are statement pieces with a central interior compartment and a golden zip at the front. Tied together by a golden flap with magnetic closure and additional leather drawstrings, this design exudes confidence. The adjustable shoulder straps also ensure the backpack sits comfortably on any frame.  

How To Care For Your Coach Backpack

All Coach backpacks include a product care card and offer free lifetime care for all their leather bags. You just need to call and arrange an appointment to get your bag professionally cleaned and conditioned by a member of the Coach team.

For backpacks in Coach’s signature jacquard fabric or coated canvas, Coach recommends using its own signature fabric cleaner. Apply a small amount of this detergent onto a soft, clean, and white cloth and rub gently in circular motions, before gently removing any excess product with a clean, dampened cloth.

Blot dry with a clean towel and then allow the fabric to air dry completely before reusing the bag. This should avoid rings and other marks.

Coach bags made out of leather require a cleaner and moisturizer set as per Coach’s recommendation.

First, remove any dirt by applying a small amount of the cleaner with a soft, clean cloth. Be sure to use circular strokes, and wipe off any residue, allow the leather to dry for 30 minutes. Once dry, you can use the leather moisturizer to enhance the fabric’s natural luster.

To clean suede bags, use a suede brush and suede eraser. The eraser can be used to gently rub spots away, and the brush to remove surface dirt and scuff marks.

Backpacks made from exotic animal skins shouldn't be exposed to water or moisture. In the unfortunate event that the bag gets wet, immediately wipe it with a soft cloth. Be careful not to move against the direction of the scales.


How can I tell if my Coach backpack is authentic?

Examining the quality, stitching, lining, and signature coach pattern are good ways to determine the authenticity of your bag. The brand name should be correctly spelled, and the quality of the craftsmanship should be convincing.

You can also check for the following:

• The interior and exterior patterns. Coach bags never have the brand’s CC pattern on both the inside and the outside of the backpack.

• Authentic Coach products are only sold by Coach retail and outlet stores and authorized department stores, retailers, and specialty stores. So, be sure you're purchasing from a trustworthy shop to ensure the authenticity of your bag.

• Authentic bags come with a leather patch on the inside, containing a serial number that consists of letters and numbers. If there's no leather patch, the serial number should be stamped on the inside in gold-tone ink.

What materials are Coach backpacks made from?

Coach backpacks are made out of carefully selected, high-quality materials. Their signature ranges often feature real leather in a variety of finishes, such as smooth, refined, or pebbled, as well as exotic animal skins. Some designs also incorporate patterned coated canvas and polyvinyl.

What size are Coach backpacks?

Coach offers many different styles and designs of backpacks that come in varying sizes. Refer to the measurements on each specific product page for more detailed sizing information.