Suno was birthed out of two designers love of Kenya and urge to promote local heritage and commerce. Erin Beatty, a former designer for the Gap, and Max Osterweis, a screenwriter and avid visitor to the African country, joined together in 2008 to produce Suno. Osterweis had been collecting vintage Kenyan textiles for years so the first collection involved Beatty cutting up all of those garments into stylistic wear. The unique patterns, vibrant colors and beautiful flowing pieces were so distinct and unseen in mainstream fashion that it stirred up a craze amongst buyers. Since its debut, Suno has been expanding globally while promoting fair trade and ethical social business practices but it’s inspiration of Kenya still remains true.

Suno Long Geometric Poncho Top - Lyst
Long Geometric Poncho Top
$495 (Free Shipping)
Suno Cropped Wrapskirted Trousers - Lyst
Cropped Wrapskirted Trousers
$595 (Free Shipping)
Suno Mohair Poncho - Lyst
Mohair Poncho
Suno Cutout Dress - Lyst
Cutout Dress
Suno A Line Mini Skirt - Lyst
A Line Mini Skirt
$484 $242 (50% off)
Suno Jacquard Top - Lyst
Jacquard Top