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Men's Diesel Jewelry

Established in 1978, illustrious Italian label Diesel has become a firm fashionista favorite, offering up cool, vintage-inspired apparel and accessories with a luxe finish. With a strong focus on rugged denim and leather, each collection delivers edgy, contemporary designs packed with rock-chic studs, embellishments and slick silhouettes.

Bring that rough yet refined aesthetic to your outfits with this range of Diesel jewelry. Featuring raw edges, dog tags, chunky logo details and textured leathers, these are the perfect accents to an off-duty wardrobe.
Diesel 'Asky' Bracelet brown - Lyst
$49 $34 (25% off)
Diesel Arrox green - Lyst
$24 Sold Out
Diesel Methis black - Lyst
$175 Sold Out
Diesel Acaosi brown - Lyst
$49 Sold Out
Diesel Alibys white - Lyst
$48 Sold Out
Diesel Astugo blue - Lyst
$38 Sold Out
Diesel Acowy black - Lyst
$48 Sold Out
Diesel 'Amar' Bracelet brown - Lyst
$33 $23 (30% off)
Diesel 'Amar' Bracelet black - Lyst
$33 $23 (30% off)
Diesel 'Amar' Bracelet red - Lyst
$33 $23 (30% off)
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