United States of America

The early beginnings of Nordstrom is an inspiring story of the American dream. John Nordstrom emigrated from Sweden in 1887 with no more than $5 in his pocket. After years of hardship he decided to head out west during the Gold Rush era to strike it big. As fate would have it, he ended with a $13,000 gold mine stake, which he used to partner with a friend, Carl Wallin, in Seattle to setup a small shoe store. By 1933 both founders retired and sold its shares to the Nordstrom sons who took the company to new heights. During the 60’s the company expanded from shoes and added men’s wear and women’s wear with more stores across the country, which became immensely successful. That pivotal transition is still evident today as Nordstrom is a leading department store filled with refined apparel for the lavish tastes.