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What Will You Be Wearing Next Spring? Fashematics

Using some clever data analysis we’ve discovered the major menswear talking points from the Spring/Summer 2016 menswear shows. We examined words and phrases from more than 2,000 show reviews, and 260 different publications and editors globally (as well as Instagram and Twitter), to find the definitive list of menswear topics for next spring.

sophie hackford

The Future of Tech (and Fashion), as told by the Director of WIRED Consulting Mavericks

Sophie Hackford’s job is to get out there and know what the future of technology will be. She has to uncover the next-era of innovation, because as the director of WIRED Consulting, the other part of her job is to sit down with the world’s most powerful CEOs and tell them what’s coming. From lab-grown leather to the 3D printing revolution, here Hackford looks into her crystal ball so we can know too.