Gareth Pugh

Central St.Martins graduate Gareth Pugh shot to fame when his final collection, which used balloons to distort the body, caught the attention of a senior Dazed & Confused editor. Shortly after, in 2005, Pugh was asked to participate in an emerging talent fashion show as part of London’s ‘Fashion East’. This collection gained great critical acclaim and allowed him to debut his solo collection in 2006 at London Fashion Week. The unique Gareth Pugh aesthetic has earned him a loyal legion of followers, with Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue and Anna Wintour all being huge fans of his work. Pugh’s aesthetic is heavily influenced by McQueen and Galliano, however he cites the British extreme club scene as his greatest source of inspiration. He famously plays with volume and form, distorting the body into amorphous shapes. He primarily uses a monochrome pallet and has been known to incorporate experimental fabrics such as latex, chain mail, synthetic hair and foam footballs into his creations. Gareth Pugh has an unparalleled vision and ability to synchronise the worlds of fashion and art.

In recent seasons Gareth Pugh has created a more commercial, wearable style. He continues to make his avant-garde Pugh signature just in a more refined way. The new look features sharp tailoring, fitted body suits and futuristic silhouettes, all in his recognisable monochromatic palette.