The house of Dior was founded in Paris in 1946 and gained instant recognition with its first collection ‘The New Look’. This sharp, feminine silhouette marked Dior as a new force within the industry, revolutionising post war fashion. His success went from strength to strength as the label continued to launch luxury products such as perfumes and accessories. After the death of Dior himself the label has been directed by numerous fashion visionaries such as Yves Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane and most recently John Galliano who continue to build and expand the brand’s timeless, sophisticated aesthetic. Galliano has managed to bring Dior into the 21st century by combining his own love for everything fantasy and the brand’s chic, wearable look. Recent catwalk shows have been great spectacles transporting the audience into a dreamlike world that showcases the trademark romantic Dior look focusing on gowns with a couture like quality.