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Versace Squalo Sneakers - Multicolor
Squalo Sneakers - Multicolor
$995$497(50% off)
Versace Sneakers - Black
Sneakers - Black
$159$112(30% off)
Versace Squalo Sneakers - White
Squalo Sneakers - White
$1,495$897(40% off)
Versace Trigreca Sneakers - Multicolor
Trigreca Sneakers - Multicolor
$752$639(15% off)
Versace Greca Sneakers In White Canvas With Logo
Greca Sneakers In White Canvas With Logo
$411$288(30% off)
Gaudenzi Boutique
Versace Greca Sneakers - White
Greca Sneakers - White
$652$554(15% off)
Versace Trigreca Sneakers - Black
Trigreca Sneakers - Black
$834$709(15% off)
Versace Trigreca Sneaker - Black
Trigreca Sneaker - Black
$895$720(20% off)
Rue La La
Versace Trigreca Sneakers - Multicolor
Trigreca Sneakers - Multicolor
$752$639(15% off)
Versace Shark Sneaker In - White
Shark Sneaker In - White
$709$354(50% off)
Versace Squalo Low-top Sneakers - Metallic
Squalo Low-top Sneakers - Metallic
$995$696(30% off)
Versace Low-top Sneakers Trigreca - White
Low-top Sneakers Trigreca - White
$913$781(10% off)
Versace Sneakers Fabric - Yellow
Sneakers Fabric - Yellow
$936$721(20% off)
Carola Zeta
Versace Trigreca Sneakers - Multicolor
Trigreca Sneakers - Multicolor
$692$588(15% off)
Versace Tribute Logo Sneakers - White
Tribute Logo Sneakers - White
$638$351(45% off)

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Established in 1978 by Gianni Versace, the iconic house of Versace has become synonymous with high-fashion luxury and glamour. Making headlines with sexy, attitude-fuelled designs that challenge the rules of fashion, Versace has grown to become one of the world's most renowned international fashion houses. Versace sneakers epitomize the uncompromising, rebellious attitude of the Versace legacy. Adorned with the famous 'Medusa head' logo, this range of lavish sneakers in bold prints and colors takes casual footwear to new heights of cool. Glossy patents and gold-toned fastenings combine to create sneakers which exude luxury 'from the gym to the street, casual footwear has never been this gorgeous.

The Versace Sneakers Buying Guide

Charmingly Italian and shamelessly sexy, Versace sneakers are for women who aren’t scared of making a statement. From the Squalo design to the Greca Chain, Ilus and Cross Cross Chainer designs, discover a range of styles that embody a boldly feminine, glamorous aesthetic. Capturing the unbending, disobedient attitude of the Versace heritage, each pair is embellished with the signature ‘Medusa head’ logo. Expect standout prints and colors, baroque-inspired patterns and gold-toned fastenings. Read on for our Versace women’s sneakers buying guide, to find the style and fit that suits you best. 

The Most Wanted Versace Sneaker Styles

  • Versace High Top Sneakers

    Versace never fails when it comes to statement style. These ‘90s-inspired high-tops embody the label’s directional aesthetic with a trend-led design. Many Versace high top sneakers are made from a smooth leather and feature lace-up fastenings on durable soles. Some also sport the brand’s eye-catching lion head embellishment.

  • Versace Medusa Sneakers

    It’s all about the attitude. The Versace Medusa sneakers are a vibrant ode to the fashion house’s rich legacy with decorative prints, sporty connotations and, of course, the Medusa head logo. The range includes thick soles, conflicting colors and standout aesthetics.

  • Versace Chain Reaction Sneakers

    Invest in some serious style with the Chain Reaction sneakers from Versace. Drawing inspiration from the brand’s archives, these lightweight sneakers feature the signature chain link out-soles and exaggerated rubber soles that give a nod to the house’s chain jewelry. 

The Versace Sizing Guide

Not sure what size you are in Versace sneakers? The brand’s footwear comes in Italian sizing and generally fits true to size.

You can use the below size conversion chart to match women’s UK, US and EU sizing to Versace’s Italian sizes. For example, if you usually wear a UK 4 or a US 7, then you will need an Italian size 37. 


How To Care For Your Versace Sneakers

You can maintain your Versace sneakers original condition for longer by taking proper care of them, including cleaning them correctly.

Follow the below easy steps:

• To get rid of any excess dirt from your sneakers, knock the soles of your shoes together. Then use a soft brush or damp towel to wipe off any remaining dirt. This will enhance the look of most surface-level scuffs.

• Spot clean your sneakers using a quick wipe. Quick wipes should get most sneakers looking good (depending on the material). Use a dab and twist motion to help remove stains.

• If your shoes require a deep clean, dip your brush into hot water and then pour some cleaning solution on to it. Apply the brush to the sneaker’s upper and carefully rub back and forth. Work up a lather so the bubbles get to work.

• When your laces need a clean, simply pop them in the washing machine or scrub them with a toothbrush and cleaning solution. Alternatively, purchase new laces online or at a variety of sneaker retailers. It’s inexpensive and a much simpler way to get your sneakers looking fresh again.


Do Versace sneakers run true to size?

Italian sizes may run a bit smaller than traditional American sizes. But Versace sneakers are generally true to size. Take a look at the size chart above to find the size that fits comfortably. 

Where are Versace sneakers made?

Versace items – including sneakers – are always made in Italy. If a product isn’t made in Italy, it may well be a counterfeit item. Many fake Versace products will often read “Made in China” or “Made in Taiwan”. So be sure to purchase your product from a featured retailer on Lyst or direct from a Versace store. 

How do you spot fake Versace sneakers?

Fake Versace products are usually extremely poor in quality. Authentic Versace is always manufactured in Italy. If the product was made anywhere other than Italy, treat it as a red flag. Another thing to look out for is the stitching. Authentic Versace stitching is consistent, seamless and almost invisible. Fake Versace displays erratic, untidy and discolored stitching.