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Established in 1978, the house of Versace is synonymous with high-octane Italian glamour. With gilded accents, towering heels and intricate embellishment, Versace's evening shoes are statement pieces in their own right. Artfully crafted from the finest Italian materials, Versace shoes are a worthwhile investment, particularly for a special occasion. From decorative pointed courts through to vibrant studded sandals, Versace's heels are certain to elevate your evening look to dazzling new heights.

The Women's Versace Heels Buying Guide

Established by Gianni Versace in 1978, the house of Versace is synonymous with Italian luxury and glamour. The brand is known for creating high-octane, high-end, ready-to-wear pieces. Their designs feature decorative accents, fine embellishments and symbolic prints that are unmistakable; bold, colorful and innovative designs that instantly become the focal point for any ensemble.

Versace's collection of evening shoes and heels are statement pieces in their own right. From their decorative pointed courts to their intricate studded sandals, Versace's heels are artfully crafted using the finest Italian materials. They are a wardrobe investment as they elevate any special occasion outfit to dazzling new heights and last a lifetime when cared for properly. Browse our women’s Versace buying guide to find the perfect style and fit.

The Most Wanted Versace Heels

  • Versace Medusa Palazzo Pumps

    The Medusa Palazzo Pumps by Versace are a wardrobe staple, oozing classic Italian styling. The heel is adorned with the iconic gold-tone Medusa head embellishment that is unmistakably Versace. Medusa was selected as their logo as Greek mythology told of how she made people fall in love with her, and these elegant Versace heels inspire the same effect.

  • Versace Embellished Leather Pumps

    Versace have added a modern twist to the classic pointed toe stiletto with their Embellished Leather Pumps. Versace have elevated these timeless heels to the next level with their signature innovative styling, adding striking gold embellishments to the Mary Jane straps. These heels are a must-have for anyone who wants to emulate Versace's values of powerful femininity and high fashion.

  • Versace Barocco Print Leather Pumps

    The house of Versace is renowned for its use of bold and eye-catching prints and these Barocco heels encapsulate this perfectly. They ooze attitude and confidence, boldly featuring their distinctive black and yellow Signature design that continues onto the sole and into the padded insole. The seamless styling of these shoes creates a sleek and put-together finish for any ensemble.

The Versace Heels Sizing Guide

All Versace products are made in Italy and as such, their collection of footwear is all shown in Italian sizes. If you are unsure of which size to choose when buying Versace heels, our useful size conversion chart can help you understand which size you will need.

You can use the below size chart to convert the Italian size to the corresponding UK or USA size.


How To Care For Your Versace Heels

Many of Versace's heels are made from soft calf leather, which can last for many years when cared for properly. If you want to polish your leather Versace heels, use the below advice as a helpful guide.

Using a horsehair brush, remove any dirt or dust from your Versace shoes. This will prepare the leather for polishing by removing any unwanted particles from being rubbed against the delicate leather.

Use a cloth to apply a thin layer of nourishing shoe cream. We recommend using a neutral cream to avoid altering the color of the calf leather. Be sure to test this on a discreet area of the shoe before applying it fully. Allow the shoe to dry, which should take around 20 minutes. Finally, apply a beeswax polish using a fine horsehair brush.


Are Versace Heels High Quality?

Versace is a luxury brand that prides itself in quality workmanship and carefully-sourced materials. They demonstrate high production standards and an impeccable fit and finish in their clothing and footwear, which is a quality that cannot be attained by counterfeiters.

To ensure quality control, they have introduced an online authentication system and Versace products are sold exclusively in Versace boutiques and through authorized retailers.

How Do I Know That My Versace Heels Are Authentic?

Versace takes product quality very seriously and have developed a unique online authentication system to ensure their customers do not fall prey to counterfeiters.

Each of their items features a link of the product label that you can follow or alternatively you can tap the NFC tag or scan the QR code. You will need to register to use the service but from there, authentication takes seconds.

For a quick initial authenticity check, look at the manufacturing label to see where the product was made. Authentic Versace is always made in Italy so any other location on the label will immediately point to a fake.

What Materials Are Used To Make Versace Heels?

Most of the heels in Versace's footwear collection are made from calf leather, which is known for its soft and durable qualities.

The brand is an advocate for compassionate fashion and they banned real fur from their clothing and footwear collections, with Donatella Versace stating in an interview that it 'doesn't feel right' to kill animals to make fashion. The brand has also renounced the use of kangaroo leather in all their clothing, shoes and accessories.