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It's easy to spot a Versace wallet thanks to the brand's distinctive Medusa head trademark. Made from embossed leather that's often brightly colored, we wouldn't trust this credit cards and loose change in anything other than on the of the Italian brand's creations. Keep it in your bag and you'll be sure to never forget your wallet again.

The Versace Wallets Buying Guide

A Versace wallet is an item you’ll be sure to treasure forever. Handcrafted from luxurious embossed leather that’s often bold in color, these wallets are usually easy to identify due to the iconic Italian brand’s characteristic Medusa head trademark. Elegant and functional, these wallets hold credit cards, coins and bills. Perfectly paired with everyday outfits, this line of Men’s Versace Wallets is effortlessly cool. Follow this buying guide to find the perfect wallet for you. 

The Most Wanted Men’s Versace Wallets

  • Versace Black Embossed Medusa Bifold Wallet

    This Versace black embossed Medusa bifold wallet is a piece you can dress up or down. Made in signature black and handcrafted in embossed leather bifold this statement piece features a signature Medusa hardware that is iconically Versace. Boasting a gold-tone logo stamp, six card slots, and four note slots, this wallet is both functional and elegant. 

  • Versace Branded Wallet

    A Versace branded wallet is a great piece for everyday wear. Made of luxuriously soft 100% saffiano leather and adored with a printed pattern and a bold, white and iconic logo, this wallet features 2 bill compartments, 2 slip pockets and 6 card slots inside. Designed in a simple black color, this wallet can be paired with any outfit. 

  • Versace Embellished Full-Grain Leather Bifold Wallet

    The embellished Versace bifold wallet in full-grain leather is adorned with the design house’s medusa icon in a statement and luxurious gold. Handcrafted in Italy and made with pebbled full-grain leather, this functional wallet features six internal card slots, two receipt pockets and two bill compartments, so you can be sure it’s great for everyday use. 

How To Care For Your Versace Men’s Wallet

Follow the below steps to care for and clean your Versace Wallet. Make sure to be very careful when applying leather cleaner to the embossed or metallic leather of your purse.

1.Gently wipe down the leather with a warm damp microfiber cloth. Let it sit for several minutes to dry.

2.Apply a small amount of leather cleaner to a microfiber cloth and gently rub it onto the leather in a circular motion.

3.Remove the leather cleaner with a clean damp microfiber cloth and gently repeat on any stains.

4.Once the leather has dried, turn the purse inside out, dampen a sponge and apply a small amount of fabric cleaner to it. Then, dab lightly onto the lining until fully saturated. Leave the purse open until dry. 


How can I tell if my Versace wallet is real?

To ensure your Versace wallet is real, head to the website to use the online authentication system made by the brand. Simply tap the NFC tag, scan the QR code or simply follow the link provided on the label. You will need to register with the service. Authentication only takes a few seconds. 

Are all Versace wallets and purses made with leather?

No. All Versace wallets are made of high quality material, and most are made with premium leather, but some are made with other materials. 

What is Versace doing to sustain the environment?

Versace makes environmentally-friendly choices and collaborates to set standards for the industry. For example, Versace is currently working to phase out harmful chemicals from the production process, to make sure customers and workers are safe and healthy.