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Versace belts have a bold aesthetic. Easily recognizable by their graphic prints, clashing colors and standout embellishments, these pieces are inspired by rock and roll. Crafted from leather, these belts also come adorned with traditional buckles, iconic Medusa hardware and studs. Add them to even the most simple of outfits and you'll have a distinctive focal point.

The Versace Belts Buying Guide

Versace is one of the world’s leading designer brands. When it comes to accessories, Versace knows the score, creating elegant jewelry, bold wallets and above all tasteful belts. Ahead, take a look at our men’s Versace belts buying guide, which will help you discover one of the many styles that may work for you, along with a guide on how to care for your belt.

The Most Wanted Men’s Versace Belts

  • Versace Palazzo Belts

    A Versace Palazzo belt embodies luxury. From the 100% calf leather to the chunky metal Medusa head buckle, belts don’t come better than this. The Palazzo style belt is available in a variety of colors, but the iconic Medusa logo always makes an appearance. The Palazzo belts channel Italian luxury and they are the epitome of sophistication.

  • Versace Logo Belts

    A Versace logo belt is perfect for those that still want to show they’re wearing the designer brand but in a more subtle way. Rather than having the Medusa head logo as the belt buckle, a simple Versace logo takes its place. Logo belts are available in a variety of leather and metal colors but are always made from 100% calf leather. 

  • Versace Vintage Belts

    Although these belts won’t be shown at the next fashion show, Versace vintage belts are some of the most exclusive to ever be created. Vintage Versace is normally a lot simpler, with more delicate designs. Vintage Versace belts channel simplicity and style. They are thinner belts and feature the Medusa head logo within a rounded belt buckle. If you want to turn heads, having a vintage Versace is the answer.

Versace Belt Sizing Guide

All Versace belts have a measurement in cm, and the below sizing guide can be used to convert the brand’s sizing into your usual waist size. All sizes fit italian standards.

For example, if you have a 34-inch waist, you will need to buy your Versace belt in a size 85.

How can I tell that my Versace Belt is real?

Your Versace belt will not only come within Versace packaging, but you will be able to tell if the material is genuine calf leather. In addition to this, to combat counterfeiting, Versace has an authentication service online. You can check your belt is real by going to the Versace website and searching the product either through the product label, tapping the NFC tag, scanning the QR code or searching for the link on the label. 

What are Versace Belts made from?

The majority of Versace belts are made from 100% Vitello leather, which is Italian calf leather. It is still as durable as regular leather, but it’s normally of a higher quality.

How to adjust the size of a Versace belt?

Versace belts have several holes, so you should be able to adjust the size to fit you perfectly. To take off the belt or to adjust, the belt can be released by pressing the small metal level on the bottom of the belt buckle.