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Supreme is the master of urban style solutions, and the brand's jacket collection is no exception. Perfect for layering over sweaters, t-shirts or tops, men's Supreme jackets are an edgy style staple that will always be in fashion. Boasting logo-centric designs, large vinyl graphics, and faux-fur designs, take your pick from this selection of Supreme bomber jackets, track jackets, and casual zip-up styles.

The Supreme Jackets Buying Guide

Combining casual style with an on-trend edge, men’s Supreme jackets are a streetwear essential. At the heart of Supreme’s craftsmanship is solid workmanship, premium quality and an unswerving desire to create a genuine original aesthetic. Expect an exclusive range of cult styles, including bombers, track and denim jackets. Read on for our men’s Supreme jackets buying guide, which will help you uncover the styles that work best for you and show you how to care for them.

The Most Wanted Men’s Supreme Jackets Styles

  • Supreme Parka Jacket

    Not a fan of the rainy weather? Supreme’s parka jackets are the label’s most sought-after and multipurpose style. They come in a range of colors like green, blue, brown, red and black, as well as two-tone designs, featuring the logo, drawstring hoods, high-standing collar, button-over front zip fastening, long sleeves and front pockets.

  • Supreme Cargo Vest

    Born in New York City, Supreme’s cargo vests are sumptuously crafted and ideal for layering. This sleeveless design comes with a front zip fastening, and some options are made from navy blue cotton and feature ribbed collars.

  • Supreme Varsity Jacket

    The definition of streetwear, Supreme’s varsity jackets sport cowhide leather sleeves and quilted satin lining, with snap front closures and double welt hand pockets. There’s also an interior chest pocket, cuffs and hem hand made from a blend of wool, polyester and nylon.

The Supreme Jacket Sizing Guide

Not sure what size to get? Check out the men’s Supreme jackets chart below.

Supreme/dead prez Quilted Work Jacket

Body length (from hps to hem)25 3/426 3/427 3/429
Chest width (measure across at 1” below armhole)23 1/424 1/425 1/426 3/4
Sleeve length (measure from center back neck seam to end of sleeve)3435 1/436 1/437 1/4

Spellout N-3B Parka

Body length (from hps to hem)31 1/232 1/233 1/234 1/2
Chest width (measure across at 1” below armhole)252627 1/428 1/2
Sleeve length (measure from center back neck seam to end of sleeve)34 1/435 1/236 1/237 1/2

Pinstripe Panel Sports Parka

Body length (from hps to hem)34 1/235 1/236 1/237 1/2
Chest width (measure across at 1” below armhole)24 3/425 3/42728 1/4
Sleeve length (measure from center back neck seam to end of sleeve)34 1/435 1/236 1/237 1/2

Wool Windowpane Overcoat

Body length (from hps to hem)37 1/238 1/438 1/440 1/4
Chest width (measure across at 1” below armhole)21 3/422 3/42425 1/4
Sleeve length (measure from center back neck seam to end of sleeve)33343536

How to Care for Your Supreme Jacket

Do you have a dirty Supreme jacket that needs some washing? Here’s a guide on how to clean and wash your Supreme jacket. Please note, this washing guide is based on parka jackets only. We’d recommend dry cleaning your jacket, rather than washing it at home. And since every parka is made using different materials, there’s no universal tip on how to wash it.

When it’s time to wash your parka, we’d advise the following:

• Be sure to check the care label before putting your jacket in the washing machine. If in doubt, take it to the dry cleaners for advice. Prior to cleaning, remove any detachable trims, especially faux fur.

• If your parka is made from down, make sure you tumble dry after washing. If left to air dry, feathers can clump together.

• Avoid over-washing your jacket. It only needs to be washed once a season to help it last longer.

• If your jacket has synthetic lining and can be tumble dried, place one or two tennis balls into the dryer to help prevent the lining from clumping.

Where are Supreme jackets made?

Supreme is arguably one of the most popular brands among streetwear fans. US-born fashion designer, James Jebbia, founded the label in New York. Supreme uses a range of manufacturing and supplier sites. While some of their products are manufactured in Canada and the US, others are crafted in China.

What are Supreme jackets?

Founded in New York in April 1994, the US-based clothing label caters to skateboarding and hip-hop cultures, as well as the youth culture. Supreme’s jackets are an out-and-out streetwear must-have, and the range includes denim styles, logo windbreakers, track jackets and bombers.

How do you know if a Supreme jacket is real?

When it comes to the logo, it should be completely embroidered with a high-quality stitch. If the stitching is off or broken, it’s most likely fake. The labels of Supreme clothing are normally the best way to tell if a piece is real or fake. Look out for the size and spacing of the word ‘Supreme’ on the label and compare it to the smaller, generally square ‘Made In’ tag that sits directly next to it.