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Accessorize your look with the famous Nike swoosh on backpacks from the iconic sportswear brand. Stash your gym kit in simple drawstring bags with supersized logos and pack up the day's essentials in utilitarian black rucksacks or rugged styles with canvas strapping. Change it up with camo, retro graphics or the discreet Nike 6.0 logo from the action sports line.

The Nike Backpacks Buying Guide

Add the ultimate finishing touch to your look with a men’s Nike backpack. Complete with the iconic Nike swoosh, the famed sportswear label brings you a collection of backpacks to stash your workout gear inside - in true style. Uncover styles featuring camo, retro graphics or the understated 6.0 logo. Wherever you’re going, you’ll no doubt take everything you need in comfort using a practical, on-trend, no-frills Nike backpack. Take a look at our men’s Nike backpacks buying guide to discover your perfect pick. Also included is a care guide so you know all there is to know about your Nike backpack.

The Most Wanted Nike Backpacks

  • Nike Hoops Elite Backpack

    Featuring multiple small-item pockets and a separate, ventilated compartment for your sneakers, the Nike Hoops Elite Backpack provides the ultimate storage solution for carrying everyday essentials to and from the gym. Its shoulder straps feature Pro Adapt technology for the ultimate streamlined comfort.

  • Nike Heritage Backpack

    Easily recognized by its legendary swoosh logo, the men’s Nike Heritage Backpack sports a main large compartment with an internal pocket and a front pouch for extra storage. Adjust the straps to your liking for optimal comfort. The backpack is complete with the Nike swoosh on the front.  

  • Nike Elemental Backpack

    The perfect backpack to store books, laptops, gym kits or just all your favorite snacks, the men’s Nike Elemental Backpack features padded straps for comfort and multiple pockets. Built from durable poly fabric, it sports a dual, zip-round fastening, roomy main compartment and a mesh pocket to the side.

How To Care For Your Nike Backpack

If you want your backpack to stay in as-new condition, you’ll need to maintain it properly, so it looks and feels like new many years down the line.

Since Nike backpacks are made from a range of materials, the cleaning of your item depends on what yours is made of.

Most of Nike’s backpacks are crafted from nylon which is safe to put in the washing machine.

How to machine wash your Nike backpack

- Empty your backpack completely.

- Remove crumbs and dust from the crevices using a handheld vacuum or a soft-bristle brush.

- Remove any exterior or interior stains with some stain remover using a soft brush or toothbrush and leave to work for 30 minutes.

- Turn your Nike backpack inside out or place inside a pillowcase or laundry bag so the straps and zippers don’t get caught inside the machine.

- Put some gentle detergent in the machine and wash the backpack on a gentle cycle in cold water.

- Leave the backpack to air-dry. Make sure all the zippers are unzipped and hang upside down. It’s best to dry outdoors if you can, so any remaining odors float away.

How to hand wash your Nike backpack

If you’re washing your backpack the good old-fashioned way, it’s best to follow the below instructions:

- Follow the first three steps, as per the ‘how to machine wash your Nike backpack’ instructions above.

- Fill a basin with lukewarm water.

- Pour in a little mild detergent.

- Rub the backpack with a soft-bristle brush, toothbrush or cloth, paying particular attention to dirty areas or spot stains.

- Turn the bag inside out and clean the interior, too.

- Empty the dirty water and fill the basin with clean, cool water. Rinse the backpack thoroughly, wringing it out as much as possible.

- Fold into a thick towel to soak up the excess water.

- Leave to air-dry.


How long do Nike backpacks last?

If you look after your Nike backpack well, it can last for as long as five years or more. If you’ll be using yours to carry heavy items regularly, make sure the straps are equipped with substantial padding.

Can I machine wash a Nike backpack?

If your Nike backpack is made from nylon/polyester synthetic fabrics, then it should be fine to put in the washing machine. Full instructions on how to wash your Nike backpack are detailed above.

Are Nike backpacks durable?

As with many modern-day backpacks, Nike backpacks are crafted from nylon or polyester blends which are, overall, more water-resistant and hard-wearing than canvas backpacks. This means there’s almost no maintenance, they’re water-resistant, not to mention durable.