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Gucci Print Leather Backpack - Black
Print Leather Backpack - Black
$2,190$1,999(5% off)
Gucci Drawstring Backpack - Red
Drawstring Backpack - Red
$2,539$1,396(45% off)
Gucci Off The Grid Backpack - Blue
Off The Grid Backpack - Blue
$1,690$1,520(10% off)
Rue La La
Gucci Printed Backpack - Natural
Printed Backpack - Natural
$2,918$1,932(30% off)

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If you’re looking for a bag that’s practical but stylish, then opt for Gucci backpacks. From smooth leather styles to textured canvas designs, the range of sturdy accessories works just as well for your commute as they do for days in the park. Opt for backpacks with signature details like ones in GG Supreme or bags that feature its red and green web straps, not forgetting embroidered and printed styles for a seasonal look.

The Men’s Gucci Backpacks Buying Guide

Men's Gucci backpacks are high-quality and prestigious investments that should last you many years. They're an ideal purchase for the practical yet fashionable decision man. They offer timeless charm with their textured canvas designs or smooth leather styles. Gucci backpacks work just as well for a city commute as they do for a leisurely day out. They provide plenty of storage for all your daily essentials as well as sturdy materials to help protect your valuables.

Ahead, you'll find a detailed buyer's guide presenting some of the most popular men's Gucci backpacks and how to care for them. Continue reading to find out more. 

The Most Wanted Men’s Gucci Backpacks

  • Gucci Signature Backpacks

    Gucci’s classic range of Signature backpacks is available on either printed canvas or buffed leather. Embossed with the emblematic GG logo, this backpack is simple, functional, and elegant. The adjustable shoulder straps and padded mesh panels at the back offer extra comfort as you go about your day. These bags comprise one main compartment with a two-way zip closure, a press stud compartment, and patch pockets inside the bag.

  • Gucci Web-Striped Canvas Backpacks

    This practical and spacious backpack is made out of canvas. It's a robust yet lightweight choice with a masculine and adventurous feel to it. It features the signature Gucci web-stripes in green and red, and provides plenty of storage for the daily explorer, with two zipped side patch pockets, an internal slip, zipped pockets, and a generous main compartment.

  • Gucci Ophidia Backpacks

    The popular Ophidia range is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. All of these backpacks feature the signature Gucci logo canvas, smooth leather accents, the Gucci green and red web-striping, and gold-toned hardware. 

How To Care For Your Gucci Backpack

Gucci backpacks are made from carefully selected, high-quality materials. With proper care, these accessories should last you many years. Depending on the material, different products and procedures should be used to clean it. If in doubt, contact a Gucci retail store to arrange for a professional cleaning.

Here are a few things you can do to care for your Gucci backpack:

• Use warm water to dampen a clean cloth and gently remove surface stains from your canvas backpack using circular motions.

• If the bag is made out of leather, don't use soap. This may dry out the material. Instead, invest in a good-quality leather conditioner. To clean stains and oil build-up, apply a small amount of leather cleaner to a damp clean cloth. Never use the product directly on the backpack’s surface. Rub the detergent into the leather in gentle, circular motions, paying particular attention to the handles. Remove the product with a clean, damp cloth. The process can be repeated on tougher stains once the backpack has dried.

• To clean the backpack’s lining, turn the bag inside-out, and remove any dirt. Move the lining away from the leather and place it over a towel. Dampen a sponge and dab it lightly with a small amount of fabric cleaner until fully saturated. Leave the bag open to dry.

• Polish the metal hardware with a damp melamine foam eraser. Lightly buff it, including the Gucci signature GG logo, if featured. Avoid contact with the leather.


How Can I Tell If My Gucci Backpack Is Authentic?
The general quality of the stitching, material, and lining should give you a good indication of a backpack’s authenticity. However, you should also check for the following: • Gucci backpacks often feature the GG logo (two gs intertwined with one upside down). Variations of this logo could indicate a fake. • All Gucci backpacks are stamped with a serial number on the inside. If you're unsure, find this number on the leather tag and call Gucci's customer support number. They'll be able to confirm whether the bag's genuine. • Authentic Gucci bags are only sold from official Gucci stores and authorized retailers. If you're unfamiliar with a retailer, be cautious about buying designer bags from them. To be safe, you can check Gucci's list of authorized retailers online. • Each new Gucci bag comes with a controllato card to signify it's been inspected. These have the Gucci logo in the middle with ‘controllato’ written in lower-case below. • The Gucci ‘made in Italy’ tag should be readable, crisp, and defined. • Examine the overall craftsmanship of the bag, especially around the handles. Handles should be sturdy and well-attached, and stitching should be beautiful and high quality. If the bag looks floppy or poorly crafted, it's likely a fake.
How Can I Tell Which Gucci Backpack Will Fit My Size?

Most Gucci backpacks come with a sizing guide and measurements online, including depth, length, and strap length. Use this to orient your purchase. Bags with adjustable straps fit most builds.

What Materials Are Gucci Backpacks Made Out Of?

Gucci is world-famous for its beautiful leatherwork. Many of its backpacks are made from 100% real leather in smooth, refined, or textured finishes. Alternatively, exterior finishes may consist of the textured canvas. Bags are usually adorned with leather straps and golden-toned hardware. The lining of the backpack may be made out of polyester and cotton.