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Filson Logger Cap - Green
Logger Cap - Green
$38$32(15% off)
Filson logger Snap Back Mesh Cap - Black
logger Snap Back Mesh Cap - Black
$65$49(25% off)
Woodhouse Clothing
Filson Cc Logger Cap - Green
Cc Logger Cap - Green
$68.11$54(20% off)

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Dating all the way back to 1850, utilitarian brand Filson was established on the back of the Great Klondike Gold Rush of 1897. CC Filson capitalized upon the social situation by buying up a mill and manufacturing quality blankets, shoes and boots and knitted goods. His well-made wares satisfied the needs of his clientele at the time; clothing during these times wasn't about choice or looking good; it was about survival. Heritage, outdoor brand Filson has today been appropriated by the city-dwelling, mobile, modern man due to the practicality and reliability afforded. Look to Filson accessories to keep both warm and on-point this season and beyond.

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