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Channeling the minimalist, sophisticated style signatures of revered designer Georgio Armani, the diffusion line Emporio Armani adds a youthful and more accessible twist to its collections. The label is coveted for its understated yet fashion-forward closet staples, paying homage to Armani's 40 years at the top of the fashion industry. Emporio Armani jeans represent the best in premium, timeless denim. Crafted from the finest materials with meticulous attention to detail, these casual staples will redefine your off-duty closet.

The Emporio Armani Jeans Buying Guide

Giorgio Armani’s prestigious diffusion line, Emporio Armani, makes getting ready for the day that much easier with the brand’s denim as your outfit’s foundation. Notorious for a refined aesthetic, Emporio Armani jeans fit right into the contemporary man’s closet. Designed with quality materials, their denim is an investment worth making. Whether you prefer slim, regular, or loose fit, there’s a wide selection of washes to choose from that can take you from day to night with ease. Ahead, we will walk you through our style guide and provide an insight to the best styles for you, find your size, and answer some of the most asked questions to set you on your way. 

The Most Wanted Men’s Emporio Armani Jeans

  • Emporio Armani Regular Fit J21 Jeans

    For an effortless, classic look, look no further than Emporio Armani’s J21 Jeans. Comfortable stretch cotton denim will carry you through your busy day with ease as you get from one task to the next. Available in an impressive array of colors such as dark blue, light wash, mid-blue, and tonal, you’ll be able to find a versatile hue that will fit into your wardrobe seamlessly.

  • Emporio Armani Slim Fit J06 Jeans

    Add this to the list of jeans a modern man must own: the slim fit J06 jean in comfort cotton twill. This popular style has a closely tailored fit along the leg, 5-pocket style feature, and a subtle Emporio Armani eagle logo on the back pocket.

  • Emporio Armani Tapered Jeans

    Not quite into skinny jeans, but still looking for a close fit? Emporio Armani’s tapered jeans offer an alternative. Spacious along the thigh, the tapered denim becomes more fitted as the pant comes down to the ankle. You can find it available in a wide variety of washes and colors like light blue, dark blue, color-block, and black. This style makes for a sleek addition to your closet. 

The Men’s Emporio Armani Jeans Sizing Guide

Unsure of what size you are? Emporio Armani jeans come in Italian waist sizes and they typically run true to size, unless it is specified otherwise.

We recommend taking a measuring tape and placing it around the widest part of your waistline. Take note of the measurement in inches for US sizing. Refer to the chart below for further guidance on finding your size. 


How To Care For Your Emporio Armani Jeans

The best way to take care of your denim is by machine washing them every 5-10 wears. First, turn the pants in reverse before placing them in the washing machine. Put the machine on a cold setting; the hotter the setting, the more shrinkage can occur. Afterwards, we recommend laying the pants on a flat surface to air dry, or place them in a dryer on the no-heat setting. Be sure to refer to the care label on your jeans for any special instructions specific to your particular denim jeans.


How do I know if my Emporio Armani denim is authentic?

To ensure the authenticity of the brand’s product before it is even purchased, Emporio Armani has created an identification code called Certilogo that helps confirm if the product is a counterfeit or not. Placed on garments created in the Fall/Winter 2018-2019 season and onward, the code is accessible to check online through various devices, before and after you purchase the product. 

What variation of fit options does Emporio Armani jeans offer?

Emporio Armani sticks to the classics when it comes to jeans: loose, regular, and slim fit. Loose fit is more spacious, regular is more tailored to the leg, and slim has a closer, more snug fit. While there are some versions that are tapered and skinny, you’re more likely to find them in the above mentioned classic categories. Each fit comes in a wide variety of washes to choose from. 

Is there a risk that the dye will come off of my jeans?

There is always a risk of dye on new denim transferring onto other fabrics, like furniture for example, when you first start wearing them. After a few washes, the risk of dye transferring lowers significantly. We recommend washing your denim separately from other clothes at first in order to reduce this risk.