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As one of few major shoe manufacturers in the world to own and manage every step of their shoemaking process, Ecco shoes are reliably high quality, ultra-comfortable and always stylish. Founded in 1963 by Karl Toosbury, the Danish label offers up sandals, sneakers, formal and casual shoes for every occasion conceivable. Look to the Ecco sneakers range for the gym, sportswear and fashionable off-duty wear. Expect breathable mesh fabrics, anatomical shapes and eye-catching, colorful designs, keeping you fresh, stylish and comfortable every step of the way.

The ECCO Men's Sneakers Buying Guide

Created with a Scandinavian design philosophy that form follows function, ECCO is renowned for making footwear that fits straight out the box without the need to break it in. Using revolutionary technologies to ensure footwear is comfortable, lasts longer and encourages a more natural foot movement, the range of sneakers is a prime example of the brand’s master craftsmanship and innovative design. Ahead, take a look at our men’s ECCO men’s sneakers buying guide, which will help you narrow down the styles that work best for you and decide on the size you should go for.

The Most Wanted ECCO Men's Sneakers

  • ECCO Soft 8 Sneakers

    These clean-cut low-top sneakers demonstrate ECCO’s Scandinavian aesthetic perfectly. The minimalist style is lined partly in rich leather for in-shoe comfort and features a lightweight and flexible FLEXURE™ outsole that bends with your foot as you walk to encourage freedom of movement. The Soft 8 also features an anatomically-shaped footbed for additional support, and signature ECCO FLUIDFORM™ Direct Comfort Technology for exceptional cushioning and rebound. 

  • ECCO St.1 Sneakers

    Sporty meets casual in ECCO’s ST.1 sneakers. An athleisure style that delivers on both functional simplicity and meticulous construction, this sneaker cushions and absorbs the impact of very steps thanks to innovative ECCO FLUIDFORM™ and SHOCK THRU Technologies. Shaped to a low-cut silhouette, the ST.1 comes in a variety of colors and finishes and has a removable leather-covered insole for added comfort. 

  • ECCO Cool 2.0 Sneakers

    Fusing pared-back styling with clever comfort features, ECCO Cool 2.0 sneakers have a pioneering honeycomb-style PU-grid that lets the skin to breathe naturally. Engineered with a GORE-TEX SURROUND® waterproof construction, these low-cut sneakers ensure feet stay protected in any weather. 

The ECCO Men's Sneakers Sizing Guide

ECCO sneakers are available in men’s UK sizing, and you can use the below chart to convert to the corresponding European size or your foot length in centimeters once you know your correct measurements.

For example, if you typically wear an EU men’s size 41 or have a foot length of 26.3cm, then you should buy your ECCO sneakers in a size 7.5. 


How To Care For Your ECCO Men's Sneakers

To keep your ECCO sneaker looking their best for longer the brand has created its own brand of Clean, Care and Protect shoe care, which we recommend to keep the premium leather or suede uppers in good condition.

The ECCO shoe care line includes brushes, shoe wipes and foam cleaners that are formulated to help remove ingrained dirt and tough stains, as well as a range of revive creams, waxes and conditioners to revitalize the shine and color. You can also help prevent watermarks and stains with a specially formulated repellent, that is also suitable for use with ECCO GORE-TEX® footwear.

Are ECCO sneakers comfortable?

The brand’s sneakers are designed to follow the natural shape of the foot, for unmatched comfort with every step. Each pair also comes with FLUIDFORM™ Technology, which creates a remarkably soft, ultra-light midsole with dramatic rebound thanks to the resilient, shock-absorbent material that is injected directly into the shoe mould. This ensures ECCO sneakers are flexible and lightweight, and absorb shock as you walk for long-lasting comfort. 

Where are ECCO sneakers made?

ECCO started with a small shoe factory in Bredebro, Denmark and now has its own production facilities in Thailand, Indonesia, China, Denmark and Slovakia. ECCO leather tanneries are located in Holland, Thailand, Indonesia and China.

Are ECCO sneakers waterproof?

Any styles that feature GORE-TEX technology, will be waterproof, durable and breathable. GORE-TEX technology is a membrane which when added to certain styles of sneakers, means water droplets cannot pass through to ensure feet remain protected in the wettest conditions. Some styles also feature the HYDROMAX® ECCO leather treatment, and although not fully waterproof, this still provides excellent water and perspiration resistance, without the use of a membrane. This helps keep leather uppers strong and durable, yet soft, supple, and breathable after repeated wetting and drying.