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DSquared² sneakers combine fine Italian craftsmanship with modern design for a cutting-edge aesthetic. In a wide variety of bold color combinations, DSquared² sneakers provide standout styles to suit casual outfits as well as more formal designs. From embellished high-tops to printed slip-ons and plain low-tops, these creative sneakers are sure to make a statement whatever you pair them with.

The Men's DSquared² Sneakers Buying Guide

Demonstrating the brand’s signature mix of Canadian iconography, refined Italian style and playful sensuality, the DSquared² range of sneakers is for those who like their footwear to make a strong statement. From the signature stripes at the side to oversized soles and splashes of contrasting color, the cult Italian label constantly reinvents classic low-top and high-top silhouettes with contemporary appeal. Ahead, take a look at our men’s DSquared² sneakers buying guide, which will help you narrow down the styles that work best for you and work out which size you should go for. 

The Most Wanted Men’s DSquared² Sneakers

  • DSquared² Speedster Sneakers

    Typically directional, these DSquared² Speedster sneakers boast a sleek, streamlined silhouette and a knitted neoprene and suede-effect upper. Available in a variety of styles and design, the futuristic profile sits on a chunky rubber sole with a logo strap that envelopes the heel. The lace fastening at the front and DSquared² logo at the tongue add the finishing touch. 

  • DSquared² 551 Sneakers

    DSquared² turns its attention to the low-top silhouette with the 551 design, reworking retro sneakers with contrast-color panels. Set on a rubber sole, the brand’s 551 sneakers feature an easy-to-adjust lace fastening, suede-effect panels and a signature logo detail at the tongue. Giving a nod to the designer duo behind the brand, this pair features the Caten twin’s birth year at the heel. 

  • DSquared² New Runner Sneakers

    Defined by eye-catching stripes, a metal DSquared² accent at the lace fastening and a maple leaf heel detail, these DSquared² New Runner sneakers are as recognizable as they come. Made in Italy, the New Runner silhouettes is enhanced by the comfortable rubber soles and suede-effect panels.

The Men’s DSquared² Sneakers Sizing Guide

Need help on working out what size you need in DSquared² sneakers? The Milan-based label uses Italian sizing for its footwear, and you can use the chart below to find your corresponding country size.

For example, if you typically wear a men’s US 10 or UK 9, you should take your DSquared² sneakers in a size 43. 


How To Care For Your Men’s DSquared² Sneakers

To prolong the life of your DSquared² sneakers, we recommend proper care and maintenance, including cleaning.

• Remove dirt using a dry, soft-bristle shoe brush or old toothbrush.

• Clean using a mild cleaning solution. Remove the laces and rinse, before washing the soles and upper with a soft-bristled brush. Dry with a soft cloth and air dry at room temperature.

It is not recommended that you put your sneakers in a washing machine or tumble dryer, or bleach is used to clean your shoes.


How do DSquared² sneakers fit?

DSquared² generally fit true to size, and we would recommend buying your sneakers in your usual size. 

How much do DSquared² sneakers cost?

DSquared² sneakers for men retail between £175 for bold high-tops, to £875 for The Giant sneakers featuring a mish-mash of contrasting color and texture. It is also important to note that some styles might vary in price depending on retailers. 

Where are DSquared² sneakers made?

Staying true to the brand's motto of “Born in Canada, Living in London, Made in Italy,'' most DSquared² sneakers are expertly crafted in Italy from premium materials. Some are also made in Portugal.