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Founded in 1918, pioneering watch brand Citizen has over 90 years of experience and history producing exceptional timepieces. Known for its innovation and creativity from the very beginning, Citizen is the go-to destination for fashion and function all rolled into one. Offering a wide range of styles from dive to dress, solar powered to sports, the collection of men's Citizen watches has something for everyone.

The CITIZEN Watches Buying Guide

The brand that is championed “CITIZEN of the world,” CITIZEN has been making watches for over 100 years. Renowned for its pioneering yet eco-friendly technology and supreme craftsmanship, the brand delivers a range of sport and chronograph timepieces that features like atomic timekeeping and satellite GPS. Read on for our CITIZEN watch buying guide, which will help you distinguish the best style for you. 

The Most Wanted Men’s CITIZEN Watches

  • CITIZEN Promaster Diver Watches

    Meet the perfect combination of adventure and function: the CITIZEN Promaster Diver watch. Water-resistant for up to 656 feet (200 meters), this watch is fully equipped with the brand’s patented light-powered Eco Drive technology, so you can dive without worrying about the battery lifespan.

  • CITIZEN Eco Drive Blue Angels Watches

    Named after the Navy’s renowned Blue Angels, this watch brings on a new level of sharpness and accuracy. With a sporty aesthetic that’s enhanced with functional features, the CITIZEN Eco Drive Blue Angels watch has the ability to keep time in 43 cities.

  • CITIZEN Eco Drive Axiom Watches

    Modern and sleek, CITIZEN’s Axiom adds a polished touch to any look. It is fully equipped with the brand’s Eco Drive technology, which means it’s powered by light and never needs a battery. Designed with a stainless steel case and mineral crystal glass, it is water-resistant to splashes.

How To Care For Your CITIZEN Watch

In order to keep your timepiece in pristine condition, we recommend regularly using a clean, soft cloth to wipe off the dust and dirt buildup that accumulates over time.

• Metal Watch Bands

In order to clean the metal watch band, first, remove the metal bracelet from the face of the watch. Next, proceed to use a soft brush and warm soapy water to clean the bracelet thoroughly. Dry it off completely before putting the pieces back together. If your specific model is not a water-resistant model, we recommend that you take your watch to your local jeweler for professional cleaning in order to reduce the risk of damaging the watch.

• Leather Watch Bands

Wipe both the inside and outside of your leather watch strap daily with a soft dry cloth to remove potential moisture from perspiration. If your strap becomes fully saturated with moisture either from water or sweat, be sure to allow the strap to completely dry before wearing the watch again.

• Rubber Watch Bands

Frequent cleaning is recommended for rubber watch bands in order to maintain a longer lifespan of the watch and to reduce the risk of breakage. Using a soft toothbrush, carefully scrub the inside and outside of the strap with soapy water to get rid of any dirt and dust build-up. Rinse off any soap residue and make sure the strap dries completely before putting your watch to use again. 


How long does the warranty last on a CITIZEN watch?

CITIZEN Watches come with a five-year limited warranty. If you register your watch online or through the My CITIZEN App, you will receive an additional warranty year at no additional cost, for a total of six years warranty coverage. The app is available through Android and iOS.

How do I charge my Eco Drive watch?

Eco Drive technology converts any source of light, both natural and artificial, into energy that keeps your watch running without a battery. If you’re wearing your watch regularly, you won’t need to worry about charging it because you’re most likely exposing it to some source of light. If it is stored in complete darkness, it will still be able to run for up to 6 months.

What is the typical lifespan of a CITIZEN Eco Drive watch?

CITIZEN Watches has reported that their watches will last up to 10 years.