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Calvin Klein Cupsole Sneakers - Black
Calvin Klein
Cupsole Sneakers - Black
$119$89(25% off)
TOWER London
Calvin Klein Sneakers - Black
Calvin Klein
Sneakers - Black
$152$115(20% off)
Calvin Klein Sneakers - Black
Calvin Klein
Sneakers - Black
$117$95(15% off)
Calvin Klein Sneakers - Black
Calvin Klein
Sneakers - Black
$117$95(15% off)
Calvin Klein Sneakers - Black
Calvin Klein
Sneakers - Black
$109$98(10% off)
Calvin Klein Toren - Black
Calvin Klein
Toren - Black
$130$78(40% off)

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The illustrious Calvin Klein label boasts more than 45 years of experience at the forefront of American fashion. Beginning as a small coat business in 1968, the label has firmly established itself as one of the world's most revered fashion empires and continues to offer its timeless sophisticated style to collections of ready-to-wear and cutting-edge denim. Comfortable, versatile and ideally suited to active lifestyles, men's Calvin Klein sneakers boast a sports-luxe appeal. Low top sneakers and high-tops deftly represent the brand's trademark aesthetic while contrasting textures, bold hues and subtle details lend themselves to a directional flair.

The Men’s Calvin Klein Sneakers

Calvin Klein’s illustrious brand deserves its place at the forefront of American fashion. It's leading range of men’s sneakers is as versatile as it is fashionable. It doesn't matter whether you're after a chunky look or sleek traditional designs, this sporty label represents a laid-back and functional elegance. Its range of lace-up and low-top sneakers, amongst many other designs, are amongst the highest quality urban footwear. These shoes elevate any outfit, making them perfect for everyday use.

Continue reading this buyer's guide to help determine which Calvin Klein Sneakers will best fit your style. 

The Most Wanted Calvin Klein Sneakers

  • Calvin Klein Marvin Chunky Sneakers

    Calvin Klein’s chunky sneakers have conquered the fashion world by storm and present an easy way to upgrade any outfit. This range of sneakers comes with additional padding for extra comfort, as well as Calvin Klein's iconic branding on the side of the shoe. The chunky sole and molded tread give these sneakers a lighter feel to them - perfect for long days on foot. 

  • Calvin Klein Lace-Up High-Top Sneakers

    These casual sneakers boast a high-top and lace-up design that exudes a sleek, elegant style with a timeless contrasting sole. The side zip closure adds detail and provides easy slip-on access. You'll have your sneakers on in seconds. The cap toe adds a sense of confidence and security with a light gloss. Not to mention, this high-quality sneaker also comes with hand-made lining, sole, and a top finish.

  • Calvin Klein Berke Sneakers

    These flagship sneakers are available in a dark navy with a contrasting white sole. The side of this elegant shoe is embossed with the Calvin Klein signature pattern, a leather exterior, and a side zip closure for convenience. This high-top, lace-up shoe compliments any outfit and exuberates a relaxed urban style.

The Men’s Calvin Klein Sneakers Size Guide

Don't know which size to get? The right shoe size is key to comfort. While most shoes can be returned to online retailers in the case of a bad fit, you can easily find your ideal shoe size from the comfort of your home by measuring your feet.

Here's how:

Put some socks on and place your feet on a piece of paper. Then trace the shape of your feet with a pen. You might find it helpful to sit down for this.

Now, measure the length of your foot. If you're using inches, refer to the nearest 16th mark. Don’t round up or down too drastically. To assure comfortable footwear, also measure the width of your foot at its widest point.

Use the conversion chart below to find your U.S. shoe size:

Inches9 5/169 1/29 11/169 13/161010 3/1610 5/1610 1/210 11/1610 13/161111 3/1611 5/1611 1/211 11/1611 13/161212 3/1612 5/1612 1/2
U.S Shoe size66.577.588.599.51010.51111.51212.51313.51414.51515.5

International sizes conversion chart


How To Care For Your Calvin Klein Sneakers

To preserve the clean and sleek exterior of your Calvin Klein sneakers, follow these care instructions.

• It's not advisable to machine wash your Calvin Klein sneakers; instead, depending on their material, use a white, clean and soft cloth dampened with warm water to remove surface stains.

• If your shoes have a leather exterior, use a small amount of leather cleaner on a clean damp cloth and gently rub it into the leather. Be cautious not to use too much product as this may take off the leather’s finish.

• White laces can be washed in a bowl of warm water with appropriate detergent. Let them soak and then air dry them after.

• For suede shoes, use suede protector after cleaning and drying the footwear. Re-apply in eight to ten months.

• Smelly soles should be removed from the shoe, dried, and then treated with a shoe deodorant. Once thoroughly dried and aired, they can be returned to the sneaker. 


How Can I Tell If My Calvin Klein Sneakers Are Authentic?

Calvin Klein's footwear is only sold via the Calvin Klein online store and authorized retailers. To ensure you receive a genuine product, we recommend buying only from trustworthy sellers and avoiding street vendors or unknown stores.

An authentic Calvin Klein shoe should be evident by the quality of its stitching and materials. The logo should be engraved on the underside of the sole and sometimes on the side. On high-value models, you should also find a tag inside with the shoe's serial number.

What Are Calvin Klein Sneakers Made Of?

The materials used to create Calvin Klein sneakers vary depending on the design. Typical materials include real or synthetic leather, textile interiors, suede, lycra, and mesh. They usually have rubber outsoles.

How Much Are Calvin Klein Chunky Sneakers?

Calvin Klein sells a variety of chunky-soled sneakers in different colors and designs. The classic Marvin chunky sneakers start at $160.