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The Balenciaga Sneaker Buying Guide

Need some cutting-edge kicks? Balenciaga trainers have you covered with these can't-go-wrong styles. Whether it's the iconic Arena with its signature folded tongue or Racerunners in paneled suede and neoprene, you'll want to wear Balenciaga men's trainers with everything you own. Don't miss the label's crackled-leather high-tops or monochrome slip-ons either.

With a modern approach to design, Balenciaga has become synonymous with sell-out, sought-after sneakers. The high-quality standards are unmatched, and this Parisian brand has continued to innovate and rework classic silhouettes to create a range of recognizable sneakers. Luxe sneakers can be found as high and low-tops, tech-knit sock sneakers, the iconic Triple S, Speed, Track and many more. Below, our Balenciaga men’s sneakers buying guide will help you find your ideal pair, the best size for you, and provide some tips on how to make them last

The Most Wanted Balenciaga Sneakers

  • Balenciaga Tyrex Sneakers

    Rising just below the ankle, Balenciaga’s Tyrex Sneakers are a must-have for comfort and casual style. Giving a nod to street-culture style, this directional design is built on unique rippled soles and features a round 'honeycomb' heel. The Tyrex comes complete with the style name printed across the toe.  

  • Balenciaga Speed Sock Sneaker

    Balenciaga sets the bar for forward-thinking design with its high-top sneakers. The Speed Sock style is designed in sleek, neutral colors with logomania appeal. This style’s technical materials and thick, rubber bottom keeps the high-tops grounded with a sturdy tread and quintessential durability. Woven and laced up, the Speed Sock ensures a snug fit.

  • Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers

    Easily one of the most wanted styles by Balenciaga, meet the Triple S Sneaker. Sculpted treaded rubber sole gives this style a distinct modern twist that can be paired with everyday looks. Laced up for a comfortable fit, the colorblocked style has fine details from the back of the shoe with a grosgrain pull loop to the shoe size number placed at the toe. You’ll find a wide assortment of colors to choose from that fits your style. 

The Balenciaga Sneaker Sizing Guide

Unsure of your size? Balenciaga shoes are made in Italy and run true to European sizing standards. We recommend purchasing half a size larger than your normal US size shoe. For example, if you are typically a US size 10, we recommend purchasing a US size 10.5.

You can use the chart below to see how Balenciaga’s European sizes compare with UK, US and Japan sizing.


How to Care For Your Balenciaga Sneakers

Balenciaga sneakers are investment pieces, which makes it even more important to take good care of them. In order to do so, we recommend keeping your sneakers out of water and away from direct sunlight and extreme heat in order to maintain the quality of the leather materials. To clean spills and dirt build up, we suggest taking a soft cloth material to clean off the debris.

For repairs, Balenciaga offers in-house services for products that are purchased from the brand’s stores or other authorized dealers. We recommend calling in advance to discuss the repairs needed to be sure your store is able to help accommodate, and to find out if there is a repair fee associated with the shoe.

Are Balenciaga sneakers comfortable?

Rated as top notch for footwear, sneaker fans have collectively agreed that Balenciaga sneakers are comfortable. The luxury brand used high end materials like nubuck leather, padded mesh panels, among other technical features, and thoughtful design to create quality shoes that will keep your feet feeling great after a long, busy day. 

What is the meaning behind the brand name Balenciaga?

Balenciaga is named after the brand’s designer, Cristobal Balenciaga, who was born in Guetaria, Spain. While the brand’s roots originated in Spain, Balenciaga eventually moved to Paris to open its atelier. 

Are Balenciaga sneakers worth the investment?

Yes, Balenciaga products are investment pieces. Because of the brand’s use of quality materials and technical features embedded in the designs, you’ll find that when you purchase a Balenciaga product it will last you a very long time. You can find the designer brand featured in art and fashion exhibits around the world, making Balenciaga pieces timeless and held at a historical level of importance.