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A Parisian fashion house known for clean lines, understated elegance and luxurious finishes, Balenciaga has been an influential brand on the world stage since its launch in 1914. Founded by inspirational designer Cristóbal Balenciaga, the premium label is now headed up by creative director Alexander Wang 'a contemporary designer who shares Cristobel's love of simple luxury. From supreme leather bikers to sharply tailored blazers, men's Balenciaga jackets are chic, stylish and handsomely refined.

The Men’s Balenciaga Jacket Buying Guide

Balenciaga’s influential brand has been a pioneer for luxury jackets ranging from leather bikers to sharply tailored blazers and windbreakers since 1904. The brand’s designs are simple yet elegant, and the enduring materials used will withstand the elements, bringing the wearer enjoyment for years to come. Continue reading this buyer's guide to find out which style of Balenciaga jacket will best suit your style and how to take proper care of this luxury item.

The Most Wanted Balenciaga Jackets

  • Balenciaga Blazers

    These sharply tailored, elegant jackets are available in a variety of styles and cuts to fit your figure and enhance your frame. From hourglass wool jackets to single-breasted blazers to jackets with structured shoulders, Balenciaga Blazers make a statement at any function. They're sure to impress as you go about your day-to-day business. 

  • Balenciaga Leather Jackets

    Balenciaga leather jackets are models of strength and endurance. Expertly crafted out of supple leather, these jackets create a beautiful shape with minimal effort. Their layered collars add an elegant silhouette that enhances any form. Many of its styles are lightly padded or quilted to provide warmth, so this style should carry you through all seasons.

  • Balenciaga Parka Jackets

    Available in an array of versatile colors and styles, Balenciaga parka jackets boast an abundance of character. This piece comprises a quilted lining and elasticated cuffs and drawstrings, which comes in handy for adjusting the shape of the Parka. These jackets are the perfect outdoor companions, as they combine practicality and fashion. Rest assured, with this Parka, you'll step out in style even on the greyest of days.

The Men’s Balenciaga Jacket Sizing Guide

Unsure which size will fit you best? Balenciaga Parkas are usually mid-thigh length while their regular and leather jackets typically fall to the hip.

To determine your perfect fit, you can measure your chest at home, using a measuring tape. Place one end of the tape at the center of your chest and wrap it around your body. Make sure you keep the tape parallel to the floor.

You should note, Balenciaga jackets are measured to Italian sizing standards. Please refer to the chart below to convert to the sizing values you're most familiar with.

*Please be aware: This is a guide only. Measurements may vary according to the style.

UK/US Chest Size30323436384042444648
UK/US Waist24262830323436384042
Brazilian / Standard Brazil36/XXPP38/XPP40/PP42/P44/M46/G48/GG50/EG52/EEG54/EEEG
COLLAR (inches)1414 1/21515 1/215 3/41616 1/21717 1/217 3/4
COLLAR (cm)36373839404142434445

How to Care for Your Men’s Balenciaga Jacket

To ensure your Balenciaga jacket lasts for many years, clean it regularly using the correct products and procedures.

Each jacket comes with specific instructions detailing how to wash and clean them. Follow these instructions carefully, as they can vary for different materials.

With that in mind, here's some general advice:

• Balenciaga’s leather jackets have a soft, vintage feel to them. To make sure they stay that way, keep them out of the rain and direct sunlight and store them in flannel bags (if provided).

• Ready-to-wear jackets like blazers are dry clean only (unless the care label instructs otherwise).

• Avoid machine-washing leather jackets as this can dull the color and shrink them. Instead, stains can be treated with leather cleaner. Apply a small amount of product to a clean, damp cloth and gently rub over the stain using circular motions. Allow the jacket to dry before repeating to get rid of tougher stains. You should avoid the use of soapy detergents as this removes the leather's natural oils and can dry out the material.

How Much are Balenciaga Leather Jackets?

Prices for Balenciaga leather jackets vary depending on the style and materials. But, they generally range from $1,200 to $4,600. 

What Materials Does Balenciaga Use to Make Its Jackets?

Balenciaga jackets are made from a variety of carefully selected materials.

More specifically, their leather jackets often include things like: real leather, lambskin, and shearling, with either a100% polyester lining or a combination of polyester and acrylic.

Whereas Parkas are made from Techno Fabric, which is 100% polyamide, and their blazers are usually made out of 100% cotton, with a combination of wool and polyester for the outer, and a Cupro lining.

How Can I Tell my Balenciaga Jacket is Authentic?

Balenciaga guarantees the authenticity of all products sold via Balenciaga's online store and its authorized retailers. Each product is carefully checked for quality and manufactured with only the highest quality materials.

Counterfeit products may be purchased from street vendors or illegal organizations and are usually recognizable due to their poor crafting. Look at the quality of the stitching, material, and lining and always purchase designer products from trustworthy stores.