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adidas Originals Stan Smith - Shoes - White
adidas Originals
Stan Smith - Shoes - White
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adidas Originals Gazelle Gray
adidas Originals
Gazelle Gray
$128$38(70% off)
adidas Originals Gazelle Sneakers - Black
adidas Originals
Gazelle Sneakers - Black
$90$47(45% off)
adidas Originals Black 3m Nite Jogger Sneakers
adidas Originals
Black 3m Nite Jogger Sneakers
$130$68(45% off)

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This high-octane line of men's Adidas Originals trainers gives a retro reboot to some iconic moments from sports fashion history. The diffusion line is renowned for looking back over the last 60-or-so years, taking lead from vintage sportswear while giving a nod to street style. Collections such as men's Adidas Originals trainers reference many high points of brand heritage, serving up vibrant inflections from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Expect clean lines, strong shapes and all manner of colours, prints and details, easily showing up this line's own place in the history books.

The Adidas Originals Sneakers Buying Guide

Adidas is a household name that's extended its sportswear and casual wear to include many different styles of sneakers. The line of Adidas Originals sneakers remain faithful to the brand's spirit and style. Made with modern technology, materials, and cushioned for comfort, expect Adidas Originals sneakers to rework classic silhouettes with a contemporary edge. Read on for our Adidas Originals sneakers buying guide, which will help you find the right style and size that works for you. You’ll also find tips on how to care for your sneakers to ensure they'll last you for years to come.

The Most Wanted Men’s Adidas Originals Sneakers

  • Adidas Originals Superstar Sneakers

    Adidas Originals Superstar Sneakers take a directional approach to the brand’s iconic 70s style. These low-top sneakers come with a round rubber shell-toe, as well as a lace-up closure for a perfect fit. The Adidas logo is embossed on the padded tongue and for extra comfort, there’s also a padded collar, rubber sole and textile lining. 

  • Adidas Originals Gazelle Sneakers

    In the range of Adidas Originals Gazelle Sneakers, fresh colors and prints update the brand’s classic 1979 design. Built on a gum rubber sole, these lace-up sneakers feature suede uppers, iconic serrated 3-Stripes and "Gazelle" in gold lettering for an authentic look. They come in a wide selection of colors and finishes to match every style and preference.

  • Adidas Originals Stan Smith Sneakers

    Titled after the former world No. 1 American tennis champion that has the same name, Adidas Originals Stan Smith Sneakers are at the top of their game. This low-top pair has a round toe, padded collar and perforated detailing on the sides. The Adidas logo is subtly embossed on the bottom of the sole for a more refined look.  

The Adidas Originals Sneakers Sizing Guide

Adidas Originals sneakers use US sizing, and you can use the chart below to see how this correlates with your usual country size. For example, if you normally wear a women’s UK 5 or EU 38, you should buy your sneakers in a US 5.5.

You can also measure your foot length in centimeters and match with standard country sizing:

- Step on a piece of paper with your heel against the wall behind you.

- Mark the end of your longest toe on the paper and then measure from the wall to the marking.

- Repeat for your other foot

- Compare your measurements with the sizing chart below

If you want a tight fit, go a size down, or if you prefer a looser fit, go a size up - the choice is yours. 

USEUUKFoot length (cm)
4,536 2/3422.5
537 1/34,522.9
638 2/35,523.8
6,539 1/3624.2
7,540 2/3725
841 1/37,525.5
942 2/38,526.3
9,543 1/3926.7
10,544 2/31027.6
1145 1/310,528
1246 2/311,528.2
12,547 1/31229.3
13,548 2/31330.1
1449 1/313,530.5
1550 2/314,531.4
1651 1/31531.8
1752 2/31632.6
1853 1/31733.5
1954 2/31834.3
2055 2/31935.2

How to Care For Your Adidas Original Sneakers

First, knock the soles together to remove any dirt. Then use a soft brush or toothbrush to remove the rest of the grime. If the filth persists, take a soft damp cloth and eco detergent and gently wipe away any stains or excess dirt. Take care not to scratch your sneakers. Then, dry at room temperature and keep them away from direct heat.

If your sneakers are made out of leather, once dry, apply a small amount of leather shoe conditioner top the exterior.

To clean the laces and insoles, pop them into a pillowcase and run them through a cold/delicate machine wash. Allow them to air dry (thoroughly) before reinserting into the sneaker. 


What are Adidas Original sneakers made from?

Typically, they're made from supple leather, such as the Stan Smith, Gazelle and Superstar, or smooth suede. The outer sole is often rubber, and the inner sole is crafted using synthetic materials. 

How can I tell if my Adidas Original sneakers are authentic?

Adidas recommends buying your sneakers from one of its accredited retailers or via the brand’s own online store. All Original Adidas shoes have a serial number, which can be found on the tags attached to the sneakers. You should also find a label with the size and product information behind the tongue. 

Why is the logo different on Adidas Originals sneakers?

The brand uses two different logos. One looks like a mountain and represents overcoming challenges. The other is a three-striped logo (which you see on Adidas Originals sneakers). This symbolizes the three continents (North America, Europe, and Asia) where you can buy Adidas sneakers.