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Founded in Stockholm in 1996, the Swedish fashion label, Acne is a menswear favourite, known for their cutting edge and exciting designs and ready-to-wear collections. Their line of coats reflects the brand's signature style that blends an effortless and edgy cool with a strict attention to detail, with structured and tailored pieces that have a fresh and relaxed attitude. Often using custom made fabrics to enhance their pieces, an Acne coat blends design with innovation to create something that is both stylish yet practical. When you're shopping for a new coat, an Acne coat is a style staple.

The Men’s Acne Studios Coats Buying Guide

The Swedish fashion house Acne Studios has been turning heads since its establishment in 1996. The brand’s Founder and Creative Director Johnny Johannson has always had a keen eye and interest in dynamic architectural elements, photography, contemporary culture, and art influences which has been a key foundation for Acne Studio’s elevated, modern style. Earning this respect among other influential brands has led to notable partnerships along the way in the brand’s history. Acne Studio Coats have become a signature item in the brand’s portfolio. Sleek designs, lightweight fabrications, and minimalist appeal, these coats are timeless and a great wardrobe staple.

Ahead, we’ll help you narrow down the right style for you, find your size, and give valuable tips on how to care for your Acne Studio coat to make it last.

The Most Wanted Men’s Acne Studio Coats

  • Acne Studios Short Coats

    It’s clear that the founder of Acne Studios values fine design and architectural references when you take a look at the brand’s line of coats. Acne Studios short coats are among some of the brand’s most popular styles. Hitting slightly below the waistline, these styles include the Marilia coat, brown shearling coats, wool coats found in a variety of colors, two-tone shell down coats, cashmere, alpaca mink,Ola drawstring hem coat, and the jacquard patch duffle coat, to name a few.

  • Acne Studios Chad Coats

    Acne Studios’ Chad coat sits at the top of the most sought after styles list. The brand’s Swedish roots take the center stage with this minimalist-inspired look. Found in both long and short versions, wool and cashmere, and sans lining to keep it lightweight, this coat will be your new go-to. Designed with a sleek silhouette and available in a wide variety of neutral shades

  • Acne Studios Long Coats

    For more coverage, Acne Studios’ fashion followers flock to the brand’s long coats. Continuing with their minimalist approach and pristine tailoring, you can find many styles hitting below the knee to keep you protected from the cold. Both relaxed and tailored fits are available in neutral camel tones, various shades of grey, black, bottle green, navy and more neutrals-- with the occasional bold color making an appearance in the line.

The Acne Studio Coats Sizing Guide

Unsure of your size? Men’s Acne Studio coats run true to European standard sizing. Below is a chart that converts the sizing for a quick and easy reference.

If you are still unsure of your coat size, take a measuring tape and make 3 key measurements. First, measure the widest part of your chest region. Next, measure your waistline by wrapping the tape measure around where your pants naturally sit. Lastly, take the tape measure approximately 4 inches below the navel and measure around your hips. Compare your measurements to the measurement chart below to find your correct coat size. 

Size conversion chart

China (Tops)175/88A180/92A180/96A185/100A185/104A185/108A
China (Bottoms)175/76A180/80A180/84A185/88A185/92A185/96A

Measurement guideline chart


How To Care For Your Acne Studio Coat

The Swedish brand’s coats can last a very long time if you take proper care of them. Be sure to check the care label inside your coat before taking proper measures to care for your coat-- it will have guidelines for your specific coat’s requirements.

Most of the Acne Studio coats require dry cleaning. 


Does Acne Studios abide by sustainable business practices?

Yes. Acne Studios is always working to be socially and environmentally responsible throughout their daily business practices. They base these on 3 important factors: their product, suppliers, and operations. When designing their products, they are thoughtful to choose fabrications, special materials and techniques that will withstand a long lifespan so it does not end up right away in a landfill. They make an effort to promote fair working conditions in their supply chain by choosing partners that are transparent in their practices. To maintain the fair working conditions, they are a part of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). This partner acts as a factory auditor, making random visits to the brand’s factories to make sure the workers are being treated fairly at all times.For operations, Acne Studios is thoughtful to their approach when it comes to environmental impact.

What does the Acne acronym stand for?

Originally the brand was a part of a multimedia collective that deemed the acronym “Associated Computer Nerd Enterprises.” When it broke away from the collective to stand as its own design brand, Acne adapted and changed their acronym to stand for “Ambition to Create Novel Expressions,” which reflects in the designs they produce. 

Is Acne Studios worth the investment?

Yes. The Stockholm based brand has over time become recognized for their ability to create luxury pieces at a more attainable price. Timeless designs and premium materials add major value to the brand by giving it stayability for your wardrobe.