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Update your closet today with Max Mara Studio. Shop all the latest designer tops in our selection. The variety of styles on offer from Max Mara Studio means there is something for everyone. Available in a variety of colours and designs, Max Mara Studio's tops will work as well with your weekday workwear as they will with more casual looks. Max Mara Studio continues to impress with its wide selection of coveted pieces that always feel modern. High-quality pieces that are made from denim require a little care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. Denim tops are durable, but do require special attention when cleaning. We advise checking the care label inside your garment before attempting to clean. Prolong the life of your denim by hand washing inside out or by putting in the washing machine. Clean in a cold water and use a mild detergent. Avoid putting in the tumble dryer as this can degrade, shrink and even fade the fabric over time. Hang by the back belt loop to store, instead of hanging over a hanger which can stretch the fabric awkwardly. Discover our selection of women's designer clothing from Max Mara Studio to find your perfect look.

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