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Maria Tash is a celebrated American jewelry designer who is considered an authority on the art of body piercing. She opened her first jewelry and piercing store in New York in 1993, and has since expanded the business to create highly coveted collections of Maria Tash earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Designs draw inspiration from traditional Indian artwork among a host of other influences, brought forth in diamonds, gemstones and precious metals. Their elegant, unusual and eye-catching forms make Maria Tash earrings the perfect statement pieces to complement any closet.

The Maria Tash Earrings Buying Guide

This high-end jewelry brand from celebrated American jewelry designer is one of the most iconic modern labels to come out of New York City. With highly coveted collections that take inspiration from traditional Indian design and ethnic artwork, this jewelry label is both quirky and luxurious. The Maria Tash earrings range fuses together the beauty of diamonds and precious gemstones with contemporary trends, offering statement pieces to bring the everyday wardrobe to life. More importantly, the Maria Tash name is famous for developing groundbreaking piercing techniques and offering safe piercing options with hypoallergenic jewelry for every part of the ear. The full collection includes lobe earrings, conch earrings, tragus earrings and more. See our Maria Tash buying guide below to find the right earrings for your piercing.  

The Most Wanted Maria Tash Earrings

  • Maria Tash Lotus Earrings

    The Maria Tash Lotus Earrings are simple and understated yet edgy. They feature a trio of diamonds in the shape of a lotus flower, and come available in 6mm, 4mm or 3mm. It is also available with a threaded stud closure for high cartilage piercings. 

  • Maria Tash Hoop Earrings

    There are a range of styles to choose from in the Maria Tash Hoop Earrings collection, including flat hoop earrings, coronet hoops, pearl hoop earrings, diamond studded hoop earrings, charm hoop earrings, and chain hoop earrings. 

  • Maria Tash 18k Earrings

    Many earrings from the Maria Tash line are made in 18k yellow gold or white gold. These are solid, tarnish-free metals that are made to last. Maria Tash 18k earrings are available in studs, hoops, talon drop earrings and more. 

How To Care For Your Earrings from Maria Tash

All earrings from Maria Tash are made from 14k or 18k solid gold or white gold. These metals are durable and easy to care for.

Cleaning guidelines:

•always wash your hands before handling your jewelry

•use rubbing alcohol or specialized piercing solution to clean your earrings

•gently scrub gems with a jewelry cleaning brush to remove stubborn dirt

•always rinse earrings thoroughly to remove debris

•to polish diamonds and gemstones, use a soft microfiber cloth

•store earrings inside the box provided after they have been cleaned

•if cleaning earrings while inside your ear, remember to rotate the earring several times


Are Maria Tash earrings suitable for new piercings?

Yes, Maria Tash is renowned in the industry for her successful piercing studio and her ground-breaking forward-facing piercing techniques. All of her jewellery pieces are nickel-free and hypoallergenic, making them suitable for fresh piercings. 

Can I buy Maria Tash earrings for conch piercings?

The Maria Tash earring collection doesn’t just cater for lobe piercings. There are earrings specifically designed for conch piercings, tragus piercings, rook piercings, forward helix piercings and more. 

Does the Maria Tash brand create jewelry for other pierced body parts?

As well as earrings for every part of the ear, Maria Tash creates jewelry for body piercings, including naval piercings, nose and septum, dermal piercings and nipple piercings. 

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