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Originally founded in 1854 when its namesake designer began creating traveling cases and trunks, Louis Vuitton is now an iconic luxury fashion brand. Over the years, the label has grown to include a complete range of ready-to-wear, but the bags and luggage remain a hallmark of the label. Renowned for flawless design and impeccable craftsman, all of the luggage is stamped in the Louis Vuitton insignia 'LV. Pair your work ensembles with a recognizable Louis Vuitton briefcase. These pieces are perfect for the modern woman with a taste for luxury.

The Louis Vuitton Briefcase and Work Bag Buying Guide

Iconic brand heritage meets modern design. Louis Vuitton has been pushing the envelope in fashion for well over a century, truly defining what it means to be a luxury powerhouse. Louis Vuitton briefcases and work bags bring a new level of sophistication to the table. Ahead in our Louis Vuitton briefcase buying guide, we’ll help narrow down the perfect style for you and give tips on how to care for it properly. 

The Most Wanted Louis Vuitton Briefcases and Work Bags

  • Louis Vuitton Hard Case Trunk Suitcases

    brand’s roots. Starting out creating luxury travel gear and evolving into a lifestyle brand, Louis Vuitton stays true to its origins and created this piece in its signature LV Monogram in neutral brown with gold hardware. With superior craftsmanship, the hard case trunk is organized internally with dividers to keep your belongings separate as you wish. 

  • Louis Vuitton Monogram Poche Documents Portfolio Cases

    Show up to your meeting expertly organized and in style with the LV Monogram Poche Documents Portfolio Case. Acting as a briefcase and keeping you on your A-game, the pouch keeps your important documents safe in a flat, thin leather zipped-up pouch. The brand’s signature LV Monogram and gold tone hardware gives it that touch of notoriety and sophisticated appeal.

  • Louis Vuitton Capucines Leather Bags

    Pairs well with any professional look, the LV Capucines Leather Bag is a style staple. Its sleek, modern look and neutral colorway make this versatile bag a go-to piece. The LV logo hardware is showcased as a prominent design detail in the center of the handbag. Equipped with a divider and pockets within the bag to stay organized, this purse can be hand held or worn on your shoulder with the removable strap. 

How to Care for Your Louis Vuitton Briefcase and Work Bag

Louis Vuitton bags are built to be passed down from one generation to the next. An investment worth making, we recommend putting extra care measures into maintaining your bag’s original beauty for it to last.

Avoid oily substances and alcohol-based solutions from getting on your bag. Make-up, cosmetics, disinfectants, and perfume may damage the material. Cleaning your briefcase or bag with any at-home solutions is not recommended.

Keep your bag’s leather material away from abrasive surfaces to prevent scratches and damage. If you need to wipe down or clean the exterior, use a soft cloth.

For professional cleaning, we recommend calling a Louis Vuitton boutique to speak to a specialist about your work bag’s necessary maintenance. The specialist will advise if they can help in store, or give the next best steps. 


Do Louis Vuitton bags come with a warranty?

Louis Vuitton does not offer warranties. They do, however, offer complimentary repairs or alternative repair solutions when it is related to how the bag was produced. We recommend calling a LV specialist in advance before bringing your work bag into a store for repairs.

How do I know if my Louis Vuitton work bag is authentic?

In order to guarantee that your Louis Vuitton bag is authentic, purchase your Louis Vuitton from an approved authorized retailer, an official Louis Vuitton boutique, official Louis Vuitton website, or department store. If you are purchasing from a reseller, make sure that the vendor is reputable and has a team that verifies authenticity of its designer products.

You may also check within the bag to make sure that the branded label is there with Louis Vuitton stamped and the country of origin underneath it. If this information is not there, it is most likely not authentic. Always make sure you are purchasing from a trusted source.

Does Louis Vuitton offer customization for its briefcases or work bags?

Louis Vuitton offers special personalization for some of its iconic styles. For small leather goods, shoppers have the option to have hot stamping personalization free of charge if purchased at an official Louis Vuitton boutique or its website. Additionally, the brand offers ‘Mon Monogram’ for its brand favorites. You are able to choose to place your initials on your piece in different font and stripe design options. We recommend calling a Louis Vuitton specialist before purchase to verify if your product can be personalized.