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Jil Sander
Patent Leather Tote - Multicolor
$1,180 $708 (40% off)
Jil Sander
Large Shopper Bag - Natural
$545 $466 (10% off)
Jil Sander
Large Shopper Bag - White
$446 $402 (10% off)
Jil Sander
Bag - White
$537 $483 (10% off)
Luciana Bari
Jil Sander
Handbag - White
$450 $369 (15% off)

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Founded in 1967, the eponymous fashion house from German designer Jil Sander is loved by discerning men and women around the world for its simply elegant designs finished in premium fabrics. Featuring precise tailoring, pure lines and refined silhouettes, collections from this luxury brand have a timeless, endlessly sophisticated aesthetic that works for both formal and casual occasions. Crafted from fine leather and textured suede, Jil Sander totes are minimal, ladylike and undeniably beautiful 'use these seriously chic purses to carry your essentials in style.