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Dolce & Gabbana
Flare Jeans - Natural
$601 $307 (45% off)
Mos Mosh
Sumner Cream Jeans - Natural
$150 $137 (5% off)
Claudine Ankle Flare Jeans - Natural
$209 $70 (65% off)
Nordstrom Rack
The Tomcat Jean - Natural
$198 $119 (40% off)
Denim Pants - Natural
$349 $272 (20% off)
Boy Skinny Jeans - Natural
$495 $277 (40% off)
Blue & Cream
The Blanca Jeans - Natural
$321 $150 (50% off)

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When it comes to natural jeans, Lyst has you covered. Each piece is crafted with care and every detail is carefully considered. With a selection of styles to choose from, there is something to suit every preference. Denim jeans need to be cared for properly to ensure they stay looking their best. Taking care of denim doesn’t need to be difficult, we would advise following the specific instructions on the care label that is stitched into every garment. Properly caring for denim will make sure your favourite style lasts longer. To maintain fit, it’s recommended to wash denim every 3-5 wears rather than every time you wear them. Turn inside out and always use a cold water cycle to preserve the nature of the fibres, retain the colour and to protect against fading. Air drying instead of putting in the tumble dryer is advised, as this will prevent shrinkage and abrasions. Stretch the denim several times during the drying process to retain its original shape. Discover our huge selection of the brand’s jeans to find your perfect look.